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Men's Fashion: Watches Overload

Many of us doubts the fact that sports and fashion can unite to make a whole new perspective both in the sports and fashion industries. I am not a sporty person but I can be for the sake of health. Many tells me that it is too impossible for guys to know fashion. They wear whatever is comfortable. They go for whatever their girlfriends tell them so. I say otherwise. I have many friends who are guys. They love shopping as much as I do. And they are straight.

Boys spend roughly many hours just searching for the right clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. They even look for second and third opinions. Many of the guy's tiring moments are choosing for the right watch. Looking for the right one may seem longer than looking for a girl. However, choosing Nixon Mens Watch is always a great decision.

For a quirky fashionable look, a man can just strut their daily outfit with this men's watches. Guys can wear these watches wherever such as the park, clubs, travel, and a simple dinner with loved one. It is never difficult to style because all of us has innate way of styling ourselves. We just have to be more open to new innovations.

Now, if you are more of a banker type of a person, there is always one that matches everyone's personality. A good office person knows how to style his office wear for a more formal ambiance. The Nixon Banks Watches are always a good watch line for business type of men. Those who wear mostly formal attires in their day-to-day transactions in the office and outside are more likely to need a certain style. Thus, equipping themselves with a functional watch that would enhance their appeal is a very good idea.

If I am to choose a watch in the photos above for a friend, I would definitely go for the silver one in the second row. It is more of a formal type of watch and has a very appealing color too. I think, any guy who would wear this will look ultimately his best especially if he pairs it with these:

Gotta love semi-formal-wearing guys. They look awesome and respectable at the same time. It is always a lot more pleasant to see guys who take time to actually wear and style good clothes and accessories.

Wearing watches has never been this good.


  1. Those are really nice men's watches! :) I especially like the 4th one. Very hip!

    BTW I tweaked my giveaway's mechanics a bit ;) Hope you could check. Thanks!

  2. The watches are really very cool....thanks for sharing this information..

  3. some of the boys are somewhat like that xD but my boyfie never spent a lot of time about fashion. he is somewhat an Old fashion. haha! o.O I seldom don't like it. But i don't want him to change because of the things I want. I just want him to be him. xD and if you will let me choose with those watches I will choose the silver too. It is because it is so nice andfor me it can wear any outfits a n will wear.

  4. I like the fourth watch In the first line the

    It’s amazing g how fashion aware some men and
    young guys are these days – and they’re not shy about it! It’s good and
    respectable as long as that doesn’t take up all their time…. It becomes a bit

    That’s my thought in general but I like your
    post :)

  5. I like guys who take a bit of pride in what they wear. :3 I don't know many guys who wear watches but I have one male friend who does wear one, and it looks like that silver one you pointed out. They do look really great. :) 

    I don't like a guy dressing up really really formally, but semi-formal is always nice.

  6. I love watches! Nauubos pera ko jan! Mas trip ko sporty watches than formal/business type, kaya nga isa lang watch ko na ganyan, madalang pa suotin. :)

  7. the 2nd or the 3rd in the picture look gorgeous :) I love watches though I am a dilly-dallying person :)


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