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Food Trip: Kyla's Bistro

This is a long-overdue post. I supposedly was to blog it earlier in November.

Kyla's Bistro was one of the sponsors of Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 held in Iligan City. Last October 30, 2011, we had our dinner at Kyla's Bistro. It is located in the heart of Iligan City at Quezon Avenue.


You can choose to either dine outside or inside the resto. However, due to the rainy weather, we opt to eat inside.

The interior inside brings you to a different place.

Okay. That fire extinguisher seems to be out of place.

A function hall is also available. I just love the details on the door. The two colors seem to compliment each other when light strikes them.

Apparently, you can see the outside. Thanks to the glass window. And yeah, on the right are my companions. They are bloggers as well.

Here's what I call, the dashboard. hahah.

And the drink bar.


My favorite part of the whole MBS is eating. :D I gained almost a kilo for the two-day event alone. woah! Then again, I easily lost them.

Every meal begins with a glass of water. I wonder why restos always do this. O_o

Then comes the drink you ordered.

It took so long before our food was served and for other bloggers to arrive. So, I had to divert my attention to other things. LP = LilPink.

Pizza looks so yummeeeh!

Calamares looks yummier!

Chicken Fillet is lookin good.

Pansit looks yummiest! :D :D

The bread is also out with hat-like cut. :D

The Chicken Fillet upclose. Looks yummmeeeh.

You can even tell that it is super crispy. :)

Gotta love the hot sauce. It makes the pizza even yummier than it already is.


I and Richard - while waiting for the others. We were the host for the night. :D

Jerrick religously eating the leftover pizza because he is super late.

Shops outside.


Customers. They were dining near us. As I was photobombing the resto, I asked them for a snap too. They were so down with it. :) I wonder if they will ever see this? haha

Our table - before the food was served.

I was so intrigued by the art pieces inside, I had to take photos of them. However, it would be too much if I post them all here. :D

And we were shocked by the numbers on the bill. Freakin 666. hahaha. If it were 777, we got the jackpot. lol

Here's a happy eater - ready for the next time. <3 Camho for the last time.



  1. nice place sis.. yung ganyan namin ang pangalan "La Tienda". hehehe..almost the same talaga ang itsura. kuhang kuha. hehehehe.. :D

  2. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODTRIP! Trip namin lagi nila Rhea, Angel and Chelsea XD

  3. freaking 666 nga sis xD haha! ang sasarap ng foods ah! wala pakong kain till now. at lalo akong nagugutom sa mga pagkain. hihihi. sakin lang ha? mas madali ka kasing mabusog pag uminom ka muna ng cold water bago kumain. xD gaaah! I wanna feel being with my co bloggers! o.O

  4. Ang cool nung place! Gusto ko yung mga lights sa ceiling. May fountain ba dun sa fire extinguisher? Saka sulit te, 666 ang sarap naman!


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