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My Cup of Tea: Receiving Gifts from an Anonymous

If you have been following my twitter and accounts, you probably know that there is someone who has been sending me gifts while being totally anonymous.

This person that introduced himself as an anonymous admirer sent me plane tickets and ticket to Ayaat Conference sometime in October. Yesterday, I received another package. This time, the package had a bag, 2 boxes of chocolates, coloring books, notebook, wall decor and a flash disk that I hadn't seen until I looked at the bag second time around. The flash disk had a video, some digital artworks of my photos, and a text in it.

First of all, I am posting this to voice out my side about receiving such expensive gifts since I don't know the sender. And since he has been continually (I think) following my blog, it is most fitting that I blog about it.

I have been receiving gifts from friends and businesses for a long time already. And everytime, I feel giddy upon receipt of those because I know I am receiving them for two reasons: for posting on my blog and of course for the sake of friendship kept tight by Almighty Allah SWT. Although I received gifts from admirers, too, I know them. And we always end up being good friends since I am not interested in anybody for now.

I feel uneasy upon receipt of unknown gifts because I don't know what to think or what to expect. I love gifts but I don't like the feeling of receiving from an unknown. It is as though I feel that my privacy has been compromised. I know my life is an open book due to my blogging of my thoughts. But, a bigger portion of it is hidden beyond the blogposts. There is so much more to know about me and my thoughts - beyond all the glitters and the heartbreaks that I post online.

If any of you are planning to send anything anonymously, too, please just give the money you are going to use in buying me gifts to charity in the name of your parents. That way, you will benefit immensely.

Also, let it be known that there is someone that I've been admiring for years now, too. I am a human after all. And for me, that person is beyond words. Despite all of his flaws and insecurities, I think he is perfect for who he is and what he has. I don't even know he knows it. As far as I know, he has been part of my duas for years now. And I don't think that the two of you are the same person. :(

So, it is not fair to send in anonymous gifts. I feel pity, guilt and sadness simply because someone is making an effort in sending me gifts yet he is not sure that I can return his feelings toward me.

As for the gifts, I didn't take the flights nor attended the event last October since I wasn't sure of my safety. I've given the chocolates to my officemates since my friends and my late parents told me not to eat anything given to me by strangers. And since I enjoy coloring and I hoard notebooks and art materials and pieces like crazy, I will just accept them. I might post your artworks since they're so good. As for the bag, I am yet to think of what to do with it. Maybe I will think of it as part of my sponsored posts? Idk.

I salute you for your efforts. I know those gifts cost a lot. And maybe you worked hard for them. May Allah SWT give you more than those you gave to me. Maybe I am just not the type of person who likes surprises. Maybe I am too paranoid. Maybe I am too conscious of what you will feel. Or maybe I am just too guarded. I don't know. However, you are appreciated!

Thank you.

Edit: I deleted the photos of what I received other than the photo of the package above. 

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