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Finding Fashionable Designer Tunics and Tops

Have you had a problem wherein there is a top that is really on point and very fashionable, but it is too short for you? Every hijabi must have similar rant as mine. This is where my love for tunics, shirt dresses and cocktail dresses turned top emanated from.

Longer coverage is much needed for every muslimah hijabi out there. With the dynamic movement of fashion nowadays, every type of need has been filled in by entrepreneur designers. An online store that sells fashionable designer tunics and tops is

Here are some of my top picks of tunics from StyleWe.

This green floral print asymmetric tunic by designer D.Fanni is made from cotton-blend material and is perfect for spring, fall or winter. I personally love the sleeves and the cut of this tunic.

This gray beaded plain tunic by designer Lonyuash is the perfect tunic for your night out with your better half. Its material is polyester and is perfect for every season of the year!

If you prefer to go out sans tunic, then this knitted ribbed longsleeve top from designer Yiyiqi is your go-to top. It is perfect for spring, fall and winter and is perfect pair for any color of the bottoms.

For more fashion inspiration, you can follow StyleWe blog and on Pinterest!

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