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LILPINK TRAVELS: Kuala Lumpur & Singapore + #TheZulTiqWedding

Finally!!! After almost three months, I have edited my #lilpinktravels video - KL & SG edition. I know. I know. I am such a lazy editor. It can't be helped since I am busy with something else. :)

There were a lot of places I wasn't able to cover for the video in my last travel since I was just filling my eyes with the sights and my brain with the experiences. Most of the time, I forget to take a photo or video. That's probably because I was having too much fun! Also, I think I overlooked some photos and vids na di nainclude sa vid. But whatever. I dont like to reedit and reupload. :P The ending was meh, too! :D Because WIEF was to be originally be part of this, but I removed it anyway for another video. Nice try, Kai! NOT!

And yes, I travelled alone. My route was Tawi-Tawi - Zamboanga City - Metro Manila - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Metro Manila - Zamboanga City - Tawi-Tawi. You can just imagine the hassle!

I had so much fun during the travel especially the fact that it was my first time evuurrrr to finally meet the girls: Shea Rasol (, Syahira Zakaria (, Tiq Zulkifli (, Anisah Farid (, and of course my LoveLia Ardiatami (

We've been online friends for a year and Tiq's wedding marked our first meetup! Yay!

Anyway, thanks to Sya and family for housing me and Lia in KL. Thanks to Tiq for the invites and the opportunity for us 6 to meet. Thanks girls for coming and for the fun travel. We should really do it agaiiiin and agaiiiin and agaiiiin.

I also want to thank my super friend, Sol Suazo for the tours in SG. Plus, Farm Dorie for also the tour in KL.


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