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Renovating on a Budget: Tips for Average Homeowners

The idea of renovating your home might send you into a state of mild panic, or perhaps you’re having a full-blown panic attack just because you saw the word renovating in this first sentence. The fact is that renovation and remodeling projects can drive homeowners crazy before they even get started. Once your house is full of home renovation contractors, the process can get even worse.

However, renovating your home doesn’t have to be an awful chore. It’s also something that’s essential for most homeowners at some point. In fact, it’s pretty much the only way to get your home up to date and looking its best. 

Whether you’re doing a big project or not, you likely have a budget. If you’re like most homeowners, your budget isn’t as big as you’d like it to be. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to low-stakes decorating projects.

Keep reading to learn more about renovating your home on any budget and how even the average homeowner with no construction or design background can do it.

Planning is Key

Whether you’re putting in an entire new bathroom, or you want to simply update what you already have in the kitchen, planning is the first step toward a remodel on a budget. This isn’t what most people like to hear, but planning is so important when you’re on a budget that it can’t be neglected.

Take the time to figure out what you want and plan the renovation piece by piece. Only once you have everything squared away should you actually start the job. That way if something comes up, you’ll at least know what must be done and what can be skipped.

For most homeowners, the planning stage could take about one month. Don’t neglect that time though – it’s important if you don’t want to go through your budget without finishing the project.

Hire Skilled Contractors

The contractors that you hire for a home renovation project are obviously important, but many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that all contracts are the same. Of course they are not, and not all of them can do the same work.

Take the time to interview contractors and see if they understand your project. You should also ask about past work that was similar to yours and see some sample photos or schedule an in-person visit if possible.

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