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My Cup of Tea: Being a Social Media Whacko

I admit that I have two lives: normal and social media. As part of the modernized millennials, I, too, have accounts on various social media platforms, have this blog and goes online almost 12 hours per day.

In light of being a social media whacko, there has been a lot of times when I question what I post. Sometimes, I already published something only to take it back. Or I will be spending a few minutes contemplating if what I have posted is really beneficial or just superficial. Other times, I would publish, edit and further reedit because there were grammatical and sentence construction errors in my posts.

It takes a hefty time to be in social media. Being a blogger, however, adds to the need to be in this and that platform. I do blog for passion. I don't blog to be famous. However, there are times when I need to be in one platform because of blogging.

My photos are all over. Sometimes, people use them without my consent. It is hard having to report every single account there is that has my photos in it. There are times that I suddenly snap and wants to stop everything - take down my blog, social media accounts and just vanish into thin air.

Then came the point when I learned about this really private individual. She only has her closest friends and family in her accounts. Her accounts are all set to private. You will see nothing from the outside, not unless you are friends with her. However, someone still stole her identity. Like really! That someone who used her identity even became more famous than she is (as she is not really that famous).

This is when we all contemplate about privacy. Who's private nowadays, anyway? You have your information everywhere - from receipts to CCTV footages to government documents. Noone is private anymore.

On a lighter note, this blog and social media has brought enough blessings to me, too. From college till now, I earn from this blog an ample amount. I used to finance myself from my blog earnings during my CPA review. I gained a lot of great friends online, not to mention I was able to befriend my all-time favorite blogger, Shea Rasol. How cool is that?

Social media can make or break anyone. We just have to be careful. We now live in a globalized nation. The entire world is one nation that is Earth. From my place to the Antarctica to North Pole, we are all within reach with just a click of the finger.

Social media may have negative effects, but like anything else, it also have its positive side. 

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