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3 Recommended European Holiday Destinations

Europe is packed with epic history, scenic beauty and culinary diversity. You may feel a little overwhelmed when you first dive into this continent, but soon you will be filled with wonder and fascination. Holidaying in Europe will surely push you on to new experiences and unexpected discoveries. When looking for holiday destinations it can be hard. There are so many things to look at for example hotels, flights, travel insurance and even shuttles buses. If you are looking to find the best deal on your hotel I would recommend visiting a hotel comparison site . Here are the top 3 European holiday destinations:


The old Croatian city sits snugly on the beautiful Adriatic coastline. Dubrovnik is a perfect blend of sea and city. Whether you are a first timer or have visited it several times earlier, the sense of awe never fails each time you set eyes on the old town. The walled medieval city enthralls you with historical buildings and relics. You will not get tired of the city’s Baroque buildings, the tranquil pedestrian-only ,Old Town’ filled with aristocratic palazzi, bars, cafes and nightspots, and the endless crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. The pristine beaches, informal eateries serving the best seafood, adventure sports facilities, and classy star hotels, will surely make your holiday. George Bernard Shaw was so enchanted by this beautiful city that he said “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik”.


This striking island is in the Mediterranean Sea and is perfectly poised in-between Spain and West Africa. Tenerife is blessed with a hot climate throughout the year and it is the best place to enjoy the sun. Here you can get lost in nature, walk through the tropical forest, relax on the beaches, climb Teide, go shopping, have fun at the world’s largest water park, play golf, watch a show, or just roam the cobbled streets of the old town. The old town is a historical, artistic and monumental treasure with many cultural points of interest. The beaches boast a variety of sands ranging from snow-white to yellow and black. As you enjoy the sea views, do not miss the local shrimps, which is a delicious experience.


The German capital Berlin is a perfect city getaway. This relaxed city is steeped in history and packed with entertainment. History buffs will love the museums, the still-standing fragments of the Berlin Wall, the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building. Berlin has become one of the most stimulating, creative and cultural centres in Europe. The sprawling Tiergarten, the Mauerpark Sunday flea market and the Volkspark Friedrichshain have made this city a good destination for families. There are a variety of restaurants, lounge bars and food stalls that sell local and international cuisine.

Europe has some of the best destinations for holidaying and it is the perfect continent for your vacation.

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