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The Evolution of Cowboy Boots

Have you ever thought about the whatnots of the booties that you love wearing especially on winter days? If you have no idea about the boots you wear, then this is the right spot for you.

There is no such thing as winter in my part of the world, but cowboy boots surely have reached the Philippine shores. In this country, cowboy boots are mostly seen in race tracks and horse stables. You do not see people wearing it as part of fashion, though there can be minimal exception. There are some people who really can handle the hot weather to be able to strut around cowboy boots.

Recently, I have seen many people wearing boots here in my place. I love the looks the boots can pull off actually. If given a chance to experience winter and autumn, I would love to be able to wear cowboy boots, too.

Moreover, let us learn the evolution of the boots. I am sharing to you an infographic I found on the net. It talks how the boots came about. We will be able to learn more about the boots’ names and characteristics, as well.

Just scroll down to know more. Enjoy learning!

The Evolution of the Cowboy Boot



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  1. Weekly or every other week I wear my cowboy boots. I wear them to work since on my place of work there is no specific dress code usually. Though we wear corporate once in in a while. It's okay to wear them here. I do see some few other men wear them but on older men. Just wear them under pants and with a button shirt. :)


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