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My Cup of Tea: My Dunya Goals

My life currently revolves around my work, postgraduate studies, blogging, nursing my sick mother and looking for ways to a brighter future. I actually have actualized everything that is happening to me. And I am being optimistic about everything. But, there will always be a time that I wish my dreams would happen in a snap of a finger. I mean, busy is an understatement to my current state.

I have hundreds of things that I want to happen in my life. Of course, nothing worth having comes easy, so I have to persevere. I have been jotting down on every piece of paper my goals in this life. I have goals for hereafter, but that is not the case here. Let us put that in another blog post, thus the title, my dunya goals.

Now let me start dreaming and eventually, I hope I touch your thoughts to dream with me, too.

Post Graduate Degree in Business
When you have graduated from college and currently are working, you would probably be thinking of the next step. And this is something that is always keeping my mind preoccupied. You probably know that I am currently taking Masters in Public Administration, and I like it. But, I would be very much happy if I am studying a business course which is in line with my profession.

I know that when I finish master’s degree, I would be dying to have my doctorate. Well, let’s save it for later.

What matters is I really want to pursue further studies as of now. And I want to study abroad. I do hope this materializes soonest.

More Challenging Work Experience
I am not saying that my current work is a bore, but being a person with angst, I want to experience more challenging and complex work in the field of business and accounting. It is just recently that I realized that accounting might really be my calling. I mean, after all the hurdles in college, it is just in my review school (CPAR) that I really enjoyed it. Call me late-lover. Haha

This is why I wanted to advance my studies in the field. If given a chance, I would do it right this time. I would give it my best shot. Everyone knows I didn’t during college days. Lol. I was in the state of confusion that time. This is why I want to do it my usual way from this day forward. 

Travel Abroad
There isn’t any person I know who does not want to see other places and experience different kind of culture. This is what I intend to do. I want to save for future travels starting with Southeast Asia. Indeed, I want to see each member country of the ASEAN, especially Indonesia.

On the more optimistic note, I want to travel the Silk Road. I have been telling everyone how this has been my all-time dream travel. And I want to make it come true. With a lot of courage and determination, I believe I can. Of course, I need to be a linguist first. I could just imagine the beauty of Allaah’s creations while experiencing them first hand. It would be amazing!

Get to Know my Long-Lost Indonesian Relatives
If you happen to be from Martapura, Banjarmasin, you might want to help me locate my other relatives there. By the way, I am a 5th generation ascendant of Mohammad Taib, son of Datu Abdurahman (brother of Datu Ahmad from Brunei). According to my family tree, they are related to Mohammad Arsyad al-Banjari.

My family story goes back to the kidnapping of his brother, Mohammad Said, who was sold to the Sultan of Sulu. He, then, was held as slave by several officials, but later on got his freedom from a Panglima. The males of the family in Indonesia needed to disperse to look for him. From what I know, only the females and some kids were left in Martapura. It is the reason why my family is all around Asia.

We have already met with those in Brunei; actually we are building a family bond. In fact, we are creating the Sarsilah of the family. I do hope I can meet everyone. I’d be happiest.

If you happen to know this story and know my relatives, I would really be happy if you can drop me an email ( I am dying to meet my relatives.

Start my Own Clothing, Hijab and Accessories Line
Since I am inclined in business and modest fashion blogging, I have always wanted to start my very own line of clothing, accessories and hijab. I want to design everything myself. I want the products to have their uniqueness compared to the others in the market. I want to create something that is new but acceptable in Islam. I want it to be original yet comforting. Ah!

I know I can do it. I just have to have the right amount of money, creativity and a splash of confidence to be able to do it.

Grow My Blog Audience and Talk to People
Every blogger’s dream is to expand his or her audience from the usual. We always want the numbers. Though, getting loyal readers is the first priority, we also daydream of the moment when our blogs hit big time, internationally. I want my blog to reach more screens, in time. I want to be like Hana Tajima, Dian Pelangi, Shea Rasol, Vivy Yusof, Basma K, and many others.

I also want to be able to touch more lives in the world. I want to be able to talk about blogging and inspirational whatnots. As a matter of fact, I have been dreaming of the day that I can meet and greet every individual who shies away from commenting on my posts or sending me an email and just rather read silently.

Btw, I am open for invitations to talk to an audience, as long as it is about blogging and my niche: Muslim modest fashion. J Send me an email at

Endorse a Product/Be a Brand Ambassador
Haha! It is true. I have dreamt to be on a billboard, or on your favorite website advertisement. I know this is me being superficial. But, I kind of fantasize it every waking day of my life! Hahaha. I find it very funny, though. Seriously though, I want to be like the Enciso sisters – from bloggers to brand endorsers.

I wonder which product works for me. Perhaps, SM Accessories? AHHH!!! Hi SM execs! Pick me. :D :D I am an email away!

Write for a Magazine
I have previously owned a style blog which caters to every fashion-minded person. Currently, I run an interior-design blog, as well. Writing for fashion or interior designing is a dream so clear yet remained untouched. In time, I will polish my writing skills to be able to write for magazines and the like.

Maybe one day, you’d be startled to see my name on the magazine you just picked from 7eleven or Mini-stop.

Start an Interior Designing Career

If you are an old reader of my blog, you know how frustrated I was when I wasn't able to take interior designing. It was just painful. I am glad that I was able to graduate accountancy even with the frustration in my subconscious. 

However, I am not the person who gives up on dreams. I am looking at the other side of the brook when the probability of getting a crash course on interior designing is high. 

I also wanna have my own house and design it. Ah! It would be perfect. I can just imagine what my house would look like - mixture of minimalism, vintage and Tausug culture.

Drive and Own a Pink Sports Car
I am a sucker for pink. Need to explain? Lol. And sports cars would look really girly in pink, right? That’s why I want to own one. I guess I would need to add more hours to my day to be able to get one. Well, I am optimistic. So, I will have one!

Get Married
Many people would chat me on FB again regarding this.

Of course, I am a girl. And a girl can dream of fairy tales and happy endings, right? While every fairy tale story ends with a wedding, I want my happy beginnings to start with it. Just like what Vice Ganda’s commercial flick says, “happy lang, walang ending.”

The greatest advice our elder sister in Manila told us, reviewees, was:

“Lahat kayo, iniisip nyo sa ngayon ang endpoint nyo ay ang exam. Iniisip nyo na magiging sagot yon sa mga paghihirap nyo. Pero isipin nyo na sa dunyang ito, ang patutunguhan ng bawat isa sa atin ay ang pagaasawa. In fact, isa itong ibadah. Kalahati ng deen natin ang pagaasawa. Ganoon ito kaimportante. Kaya piliin ninyong mabuti ang magiging partner nyo. Kung ito ay ang magdadala sa inyong ibadah sa kapahamakan, magisip kayo. Kaya ngayon pa lang, ihingi ninyo ng dua ang magiging partner nyo. Ihingi nyo kay Allaah na bigyan kayo ng asawa na may takot sa kanya. Kung nagkataon, maganda/gwapo, mayaman at may estado sa society, aba plus points na yon. Pero ang character & deen ang deciding factor dapat.”

From then on, I looked at marriages in a different perspective. I looked at it as full of blessings and worship. I looked at it as a bond between two people who promised themselves to help each other in dunya and for the akhirah. I have come to look at marriage way beyond the too-good-to-be-true glamorous weddings we see in fairy tales.

It is the healthy and happy marriage that I am praying for.

Dreaming is a way of hoping that things you like to happen will happen in the future. What I like about dreaming is that it comes handy, is free and with a leap of faith, you can achieve it. They say if you believe it, you can achieve it.

I believe in my dreams. I will achieve them. I just need to work for them. And I will. Who’s with me? J


  1. You have a lot of goals that it gave me quite a confusion already! From Accounting you're taking a master's degree. I admire how you were able to manage your time, you even have time to blog!

    Then next, you want to travel abroad. I admit, I also want to travel abroad! I want to visit Indonesia too. Well, most South East Asian countries too - Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand.. Oh, someday. Cross fingers to our dreams! :) Is looking for your long lost Indonesian relatives one of the reason why you want to go to Indonesia? I bet it took you a lot of effort to track down your family tree! Or not? Well I hope somebody here could help you out!

    Since you're taking up business, I believe you'll soon pursue your own line. But well, I hope you'll be able to also pursue your career in interior design! Isn't that too much to handle? All the work, pressure, everything!

    I used to want a car, but then realized that it's not an investment, rather a liability. Having a car is such high-maintenance! But still, I am hoping to buy one, not for myself but for my father. His work involves a lot of commuting which is difficult on his part.

    On getting married, yes I agree that if not all, most of us end up getting married. And yes, it's not how grand the wedding is, because it's the marriage that is more important. Curious question: Do you have a boyfriend right now? :))

    I wish you all the best and I hope that sooner or later, you'll build your own name. Shall I see you soon? On magazines or even on TV? Hehe.

    1. Ma sha Allaah.
      I did not expect someone would actually go over my post. I think it is tad long (realized only after I posted it lol)

      Yes, I do have mixed up goals. It only implies how I have a lot of interests in life. ^___^ maybe we all do.

      It does help a lot when you have a car. I mean, you can go places on your own discretion. :D

      I also wish to see myself on those media someday. lol. Tho, public life can be a pain. ^^

      Btw, I headed over to your site and I can see that it is still patching things up. ^^

  2. I love this post, and you are so beautiful mashallah! I hope everything you wrote on here happens inshallah and I hope your mother feels better. I know how it feels to have a list of things to accomplish and as of right now, the top is to graduate from uni! But I hope and with you the best!!

    PS: I made a post on how to follow me because my button was being annoying! Link is here


    1. Ma sha Allaah, thank you sis. <3 In sha Allaah, everything here will happen. <3 <3 <3

      I pray that you make it your best in your uni.

      Btw, I still cannot follow your blog. T___T

  3. Assalam Aleykum Kai!O em gee pink sports car?!yes please!!!!!In shaa allah all your dreams will come true sis!May Allah SW grant you the best in this life and the hereafter!Ameen! xoxo All ze besttt! ^-^

  4. The Pink sports car. You should really have one hahaha cant wait to see you driving that in Bongao (and all the people looking at that cool awesome car!)

    ANd the Marriage. Don't forget to invite me on your wedding :D


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