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My CPA Review Life: The Dormitory and Whatnots

Note: The CPA Review  entries can be read here.

It has been ages since I posted about my CPA review life here in Manila. Today, I decided to post more about it since I can't be in my alma mater to discuss such matters. It would be nice to reach out to future CPAs as well. So, I thought this is the best idea.

During the whole review, I stayed at a cozy room in Casa Regina Ladies Dormitory with 3 other girls (Sol, Menchie, and Tingting). To know more about this dorm, click here.

Btw, I posted about my moving in last April hereThen, you'll see what the room looked like without our things.

Actually, most of my batchmates, Vidas, stayed at Casa Regina with 15 of us out of 38. During our time, the dorm was full with no rooms vacant for transient visitors. We were the largest number of dormies at Casa Regina since its opening back sometime 2010 I think.

Casa Regina is located just behind Sampaloc Fire Station (720, Felina St., Sampaloc Manila). So, it's easy to get there. CPA Review School of the Philippines is just a five-minute walk from the dorm too. Though it is across the highway, it's good to get a morning walk for cardio-vascular exercise. :)

After last exam, BLT. 

I and my roommates picked a room that was rented by previous seniors from our university. After we picked the room number, they said that the room was lucky. So, we were indeed lucky. hahah. Now you know which room to pick eh? :))

Our room is jampacked with thingamajigs. Just because we all brought so much to Manila. #lol We also rented an aircon and a refrigerator from the dorm for our convenience. They served their purpose well. And not just jampacked with things, our room is like a grocery store filled with food for the mind, I guess. haha

Our mini refrigerator which was not only loaded inside but also above. haha
Our room has this hobby of going to groceries. Whenever we get our foot at SM, Savemore, Ever, our hands never stop of getting food. It was one of our stress-reliever, I think. We all enjoy going around looking for something to munch during our study time.

Sol. Btw, the other table is mine.

Tingting. Left table is Menchie's.

In our room, you'll also see sticky notes and bondpaper stuck on walls everywhere, literally. It served as our reminder during lazy times. Though, we don't even recognize them most often. hahah. 

Our beds are also were everything is kept especially we are going out or studying. #lol It happens to every review, so don't fret. And don't judge us accdg to our beds. haha 

The photos you are about to see were taken during the last day of the board exams. So, expect the unexpected, my friend. ^___________^

My deck with Garfield keeping me company.

My cabinet which was loaded of clothes, bags, and girl stuffs. :D

Menchie and I after the last board exam: BLT

When you are reviewing or planning to review for the CPA board exams, remember these: 

  1. Everywhere in the room is a place to stick notes and reminders. 
  2. Your bed turns into cabinet/library/study table/eating table and many more uses aside from sleeping.
  3. Every moment counts. You calculate your sleeping time, studying time, enjoy/laag time, eating time everytime!!!
  4. Good food will make you productive and study well.
  5. Good sleep (minimum of 6 hours) is enough to keep you going through the day. Trust me. I've done this during the entire review. 
  6. You will always go to the textbooks from time to time. You'll realize that you knew very little as each day passes. And you'll laugh it off knowing you graduated with such little knowledge.
  7. A Guinness will be too shallow of an award to be given to you for reading and studying accounting books more than what you have read your entire college life. #lol (happened to me)
  8. Talking to loved ones who have been away from you will ease the hardship and sacrifices that you are making just to get that title. So, talk to them more often. It will serve you emotionally. If not, always talk to your roomies.
  9. Good company will make your success sweeter and easier. So, grab 'em good roomies. 
  10. Your relationship with the Almighty should become stronger than ever. This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. Without this, your purpose of taking the exams will be of no use. Trust me.

Our room guard: Shakespeare. 
More on my review life soon. Don't forget you can read the stories here.


  1. Congrats again on being a CPA sis! Enjoyed reading this. Though I have not tried doing a review, I think I know about 10% of how it feels. :) Yung room nyo parang small bahay na. :)

    1. thank you sis..
      yep. super. kahit maliit ung room, kinompleto tlga namin ng gamit. haha
      di lang kami nakakuha ng microwave. un lang ata kulang. hahah

  2. Congrats again for passing sis!! wooot wooot! so proud of youuuu!! :)

  3. Wow! CPA ka na sis? Congratulations! I see from your room that you're a hardworker!

  4. Congrats on becoming a CPA. I used to work in PLDT Sampaloc. Sayang if only I was not that busy at nalaman ko na malapit ka lang pala sana nakapag-meet tayo.

    1. as in sis? malapit lang nga. sayang tlga. nagkita sana tayo.
      pero, andito pa naman ako sa manila. tamad nga lang lumabas. hehe

  5. It is much like reviewing for the ECE boards which I am excited about. :) Congrats btw!

  6. This may be very late but congratulations on passing the board exam! :* I also have sticky notes everywhere in my room! And I totally agree with number 10 on your list. Basically, that is a life of a pre-board examinee.


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