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I Am A Bird

I am a bird.
I have been to different kind of places.
I have seen variety of them.
From rags to riches, I have tasted their kinds of life.

I am a bird.
I have spread my wings over islands.
I have met other birds of equal, lesser and greater strengths than I have.

I am a bird.
I have eaten the most expensive worm up to the cheapest ones.
I have tasted the water of the wealthy and the poor.

I am a bird.
I am free to go wherever my wings permit me so.
Sometimes, I leave cities in sorrow.
Sometimes, I am eager to leave to see another town.

I am a bird. 
 I go to wherever my wings take me to. 
Adventure is my life.


Above is not a poem at all. It was just something that came into my mind yesternight. I don't know what is up with my brain lately. I just couldn't grasp any of its thoughts. 

Anyhow, I am still looking for the perfect drive to blog again. Ah, this is what you get from being in a hiatus for so long. >___< 

How have you guys been anyway? I miss you all so much, I could cry right now. T___T

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