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What's trending on ASOS

What’s trending at the moment on ASOS?
This season, busy prints and bold colours and contrasts are in fashion. The most recent trends on ASOS, often featuring one or more of these aspects, are examined here:

Baroque prints:
Flashy prints with floral or even animal motifs. Everything from dresses to skirts and bottoms to tops can be emboldened by a baroque print.

ASOS apparel ASOS apparel
ASOS apparel ASOS apparel, leggings
From top left to bottom right:

  • Mango Scarf Print Maxi Dress - £44.99

  • Kookai Chain Scarf Print Halter Top - £59

  • Mango Chain Print Playsuit - £29.99

  • River Island Animal Scarf Print Jean - £32

The next logical step from floral prints, daisy prints represent the culmination of several periods of fashion. Part flower power, part kitsch, these prints will brighten up any outfit this summer.

ASOS apparel ASOS apparel
From left to right:

  • Max C Daisy Sun Dress - £35

  • River Island Daisy Tropical Playsuit - £35

Hawaiian prints:
Perhaps the jazziest of the current trends, Hawaiian prints are highly bold and vibrant. Carefully used in an outfit though, they can look great and provide the edge that will make you stand out from the crowd. Perfect for everything from a day at the beach to a night out in town.

ASOS apparel ASOS apparel
ASOS wedges sandals
From top left to bottom:

  • Ruby Rocks Hawaiian Print Shirt Dress - £45

  • ASOS T-Shirt With Palm Scene - £18

  • ASOS VIPER Flatform High Sandals - £50

Hopefully these items have sparked some inspiration. Who knows, maybe you could be the one starting the trends that will feature in next week’s trending items? Browsing ASOS’ dresses is a good place to start for this inspiration.


  1. ASOS!! :D been loving them like forever!!! hehehehehe :D
    super ganda ng products nila. hohohohoho <3

  2. I really adore the Max C Daisy Sun Dress. It is damn cute, I swear.


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