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7 Myths about Contact Lenses

Over 3.3 million Britons wear contact lenses. However there are several myths that have developed around the lenses. Clearing up the confusion about the lenses can help people to use them more safely and protect their eyes.

  1. One myth is that you can wear contact lenses for longer than the package recommends. When you insert contact lenses in your eyes, it prevents the cornea from getting oxygen. The longer you keep them in the more problems you could have. The manufacturer's recommendations are designed to protect your vision. You should follow them to the letter.
  2. Another myth is that daily contact can be worn for more than one day. That is a fallacy. Daily contacts quickly break apart or tear. At the end of each day they should be removed and thrown away. If you try to reuse them they may cause eye damage.
  3. Some people say it is okay to sleep in contact lenses. While some lenses are approved for use for several days, it is never a good idea to sleep in them. The top layer of the cornea can begin to break down if you leave your contact lenses in overnight. This can lead to a cornea infection, scarring and permanent vision loss in some cases. If you take them out each night however, you can safely wear them for several days.
  4. Some people say it is okay to reuse the solution in your contact lens carrying case. Nothing can be further from the truth. Once you take the solution out of the bottle it begins to degrade. You should change the lens cleaning solution regularly and never reuse the solution.
  5. There is also no truth to the rumour that the type of contact lens cleaning solution you use doesn't matter. There are many different types of lens cleaning solutions. Each of them has different chemical compositions. Each person reacts differently to those chemicals. It is important to find the brand that is right for you.
  6. Yet another myth is that people cannot wear contacts after a certain age. This is not true. Many people have been known to wear contact lenses well into their 80s with few problems. As people age their eyes may begin to lose moisture. With the right lenses and solution most older people can get around this issue.
  7. There have been many rumours about contact lenses becoming stuck behind people's eyes. This is physically impossible. There is a membrane which is wrapped around the inner surface of the eyelid preventing the contact can get behind the eye.

Contact lenses can be a life saver for many people. With a little research and careful use you can wear them safely for many years.

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