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And They Stayed as Drafts

We all have something to say. And we want that thought to be said eventually. But we can never really get away with times that we had to really think about how to attack our speech in order to not hurt others' feelings. This happens to me everytime especially in terms of blogging.

There are times that I have thought of a very good topic to blog. I collect myself. I write it down in anything that is near me such as a piece of paper, or encode it in my blog directly. And on the halfway of my religiously writing, I pause. I stop. I think. Would this post be much of a help? Would the world really care about it? Would I make any difference? Would I gain praises? Insults? And the list goes on.


I am a very sensitive person. That's why I do not like others misunderstanding my words and taking them as an insult or anything like that. And I think, being tactless is being irresponsible. Remember, we are all a social animal. At any point in our lives, we will be needing to talk to one another.

As a blogger, people would be reading my posts. They may be offended at some point. That's why I take into consideration of how I would feel if I were in the position while reading my posts.

When I feel bad or doubts about my posts, that's the point that they will all stay as drafts. =)

What is your blogging story?


  1. I can relate! It is true that we own our blog but we should know our limitations :)

  2. My blogging story is, that I usually post something general. Something that might have happened to any person at any time. I still rant, but I tend to "play safe" with my words. And yes, words hurt, even if it is not meant to hurt anyone. But hey, freedom of speech will always be honored, but abused by a lot of people.

  3. whenever people misunderstand our words, whatever we say to clarify would be somehow or totally ignored. that is why we really need to think about what we're going to post kasi we never know our readers. :o


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