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Uglies Saga

I am not really into novels and such. I do not read books more than I read blogs. But somehow, I was stuck reading this saga yesterday. I have started midway the Uglies Saga first book, Uglies, last October 2010 but I decided not to go on reading at the thought of it being boring. Yesterday, somehow, I managed to turn pages of the pdf again on my Amazon Kindle. To tell you the truth, I haven't let go of my Kindle since yesterday. I couldn't let pass through a page.

Since reading yesterday, I have already finished reading the three books of the saga. I wasn't satisfied though when Zane (a character in the story) died due to brain damage. I want justice. Hahah. I have always been looking forward for Tally's and David's love story but Tally's and Zane's were special too. Gaaaah!! It is totally insane to be stuck at the moment while reading. :) Though, I am not satisfied with the part of Zane. Haha.

The saga has its continuation, Extra. I am looking forward to reading it. Somehow. The ending in the third book seems to close everything from the saga for me. Extra is like a whole new scene. I may want to read it later on. For now, I have to read the text books. Or else. The exams will be totally bogus on me. :)


I have had my braces adjusted today for the first time (a little late though because of my midterms). It is really painful. I am glad I let my midterms finish to get this adjusted. Gosh. It kills to have braces, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Lucky are those who have their perfectly arranged teeth.


  1. Wow!! I wanna read those books too. Uglies, Pretties & Specials. Whooaa!! I got scared when I read your last paragraph about braces. I'll be having mine this May and I'm so scared. Is it really painful? or the pain is quite tolerable? I'm really skinny and they told me that I will lose weight because of braces. I'm afraid that I'll be so skinny. :(

  2. mukang interesting yang books na yan ah, i wanna read those books <3

  3. well. they are really painful the first week you get them. and everytime the dentist adjusts it, its painful. gaaah! :( but its all worth it naman.

    read the books sis. they are so interesting.

  4. Oh wow what's the story about?

    Ouchh braces. I need to fix my teeth too but idk... I don't like braces.


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