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The Dancing Girl in Pink (Friday Music Video)

Everyone knows this girl from the music video, Friday by Rebecca Black. Who isn't? She is more famous than Rebecca for dancing really silly in the said MV. Anyway, her name is Bennet Cinkle but prefers to be called as Benni.

I wondered how the hell did she reacted when her dancing gifs were invading Tumblr like hell. Every now and then, I see a post with the gif above. It is kinda cute anyway. Just last March 18, she posted a video in Youtube answering many of the common questions asked to her by people.  She kind of sounds like a mature person talking. She is vegan too. She has her own tumblr account:
Here's her vlog about the queries asked to her. Watch it.

The song Friday by Rebecca Black sure is taking the world wide web by storm, and so do Benni Cinkle with all of her weird dance steps. :)

PS: The said song Prom Night by Rebecca Black is a hoax. It is not Rebecca singing. :)

Here are their twitter accounts anyway:

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