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Bestfriends: Way back til now

My bestfriends truly are my treasures. They are someone I can rely on in times that family won't understand. They have been the smiling people in times of happiness and the source of smiles in times of loneliness. I am lucky to have three of them, Monina, Jurfaida, and Hijrah : the Star Engotz. (The video does not include Hijrah.)

It was highschool when the four of us known each other more. Monina and I have been bestfriends since elementary and Hijrah was a close friend. Jurfaida came from another school. So, highschool was the best time for us to know the fact that the four of us have something in common.

The four of us were fondly called engots by our other friends. That was the time when we decided that we will call ourselves Star-Engots. :D It sounds kinda ridiculous but we love it. We were all stars in our own ways and somehow Engots in major ways. ;) The group has been my source of happiness way back til now. The four of us are special. :)

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