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After decades...

I've been pretty busy with things that I nearly forgot to open this bloggie of mine. So, how are you guys doing? I am sorry for being so inactive. I know that y'all know the reason behind this > palakasan 2010.

Anyway, I am really taking tumblr into consideration now. In a short span of time (a week only), I gained about 40 followers. :) I am really thankful to those people who found my tumblr interesting.
Lovely. :) If you guys happen to be tumblring, maybe we could be friends there. Although I am warning you that I post religious matters in my tumblr blog.

Someone asked me in formspring about this:

So yeah. I really don't have an idea about Taylor Momsen. Call me ignorant, I am pleased. I was like O_O  when I read the question. I didn't know what to answer. Plus, I don't really watch Miley Cyrus and things about her. I just know some of her songs. It was tough to answer these kinds of questions especially when you are caught ignorant. I am deeply sorry to that someone. I could not answer your question with wit and knowledge. :blush:

PS: My tumblr blog: | My formspring account: pinkcraze


  1. My daughter like Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana. Lol. Um I don't have a tumblr account or formspring. Maybe I should open up an account.

  2. nice tumblr theme...ako nga bihira lang dun magbukas, hehe :D

  3. same tayo sis.. paminsan naman wala naman akong mablog kaya.. pero ayun.. ngayon marami naman akong mablog, wala naman din akong oras magblog.. haaay.. :( anyways, ganda nu tumblr mo.. nabisita ko nga ee. hehehehhe.. :D

  4. I'm also neglecting my blog since classes just started here and I'm swamped with school work and other projects.

    I have a Tumblr account, but it didn't really appeal to me

  5. MSU - IITs palakasan.. yay! I missed being a student in IIT:(

    I love tumblr, btw followed you ;)

  6. well. people are becoming busy again :D like mee. haha! We're following each other on Tumblr right? I have two tumblrs. I'm lazy to check the other one now. hahaha! and to tell you the truth, I don't know Taylor Momsen either. hahahaha!! I know Miley though. I liked her :D


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