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Give me an Inspiration

Yeah. Please give me an inspiration to blog more and more. :) I am currently maintaining 4 blogs but I have tons of them. Can you just imagine the hassle of really being unable to update the four of them? Talk about it. It's a major pain in the ass. Here are the blogs I am currently maintaining: Sagacity of Life, Pinkhijab, Pinkcraze, and this lilpink.

I don't even have the inspiration to blog. I mean, I am dry of ideas and thoughts. I don't have anything superficial to share. Mainly just my imagination and experiences which of course everyone shares the same too.

I have given two domains now. One for my bestfriend, Sol; the other is for my best cousin, Wade. Please pay them a visit and be their friend too. I find it really nice to actually be able to influence others to blog. ;D

Basically, that's it for now. How about you guys? What inspires you to blog?


  1. Thats a handfull of blogs you're maintaining there. I guess if you try to force it the inspiration won't come that easily. Just blog about the stuff that keeps you busy, your dreams and yes also experiences thats why you have a blog right hunny?
    Good luck, i'm sure you'll be inspired soon enough :)

  2. I go through those stages alot. I probably closed my current site like 4 different times. Then i'd get responses from my online friends beggin me to come back It's nice to know people are interest in my life and what I blog about.

    I have no idea how you keep up with 4 blogs, lol.

  3. wow.. bait2x mo naman sis.. hehehe.. friend mo pala yung si Wade.. kakavisit ko lng ng blog niya ngayon. hehehehe.. :D anyways.... $$$ and friends inspires me to blog! bwahahahaha.. :D

  4. kayya~ thank you, inadvertise mo naman ako ha, thaaank yooou! :D well actually ako, wala akong definite inspiration magblog. pero i blog kasi hilig lang talaga ako mag express. :)

  5. Hey Ayah :) Dang girl, you have so many blogs. Honestly I find it too much work to keep that many. Trust me, I used to have anywhere from 1 to 4 blogs myself. Ever since then I just never stick through with all those blogs and end up shutting them down, keeping what you now know as Faded Out my only blog. It's for the best for me, because that way I can write whatever is on my mind without having to worry about where to post and copying or pasting or not, and people can easily find me in one spot :)

  6. Hehe you've got some blogs there.Maybe it'll be easier if you stick to 1 or 2 blogs and keep the other sites for something else:) I couldn't really manage to blog on 4 different websites.That's hard unless you post the same blog on every one of them which would be stupid lol.You could also keep them as blogs but on different domains.For example keep one website to blog about clothes and fashion,one about school or something and so on.
    Inspiration isn't needed to blog.You can just blog about your day,about questions you have and create a topic.Plus you don't have to add a new post everyday,doing it once a week would be enough and so you can blog about the whole week.
    Hope I helped:)

  7. Wow 4 blogs, thats a lot to deal with! Idk how you manage. As far as ideas though, I love art and photography and Im always coming across a special picture that may hold some meaning for me, or give me a good I post the photo and then tell about how it makes me feel or why I like it :) I also like the Q&A. Where I answer questions that my readers ask me in the comments. I'm also currently doing the "Project Mirror" where I post something positive about myself (somewhat like a confidence booster).

  8. Supposedly life inspires me to blog. the big things, the little things. They're all memories. I don't wanna forget them , so i blog about them.

  9. Wow, 4 blogs? Sweetie, that's way too many blogs. What are they for? I mean do they all have different themes?? Or are they just about writing your personal stuff?

    My blogging inspiration. Comes from wherever. Funny conversations with friends, interesting news from magazine or newspaper, or just whatever that push the buttons.



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