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Do the Loco

Okay. Do not ask me about the title. I just like it. Hahah.

Lemme go straight to the point. I posted in here that I want to buy Punchdrunk Panda skimmers.

Hell, I now have it. It is the cutest thing ever. :) Just look:

I will be wearing it first thing tomorrow to school. Yay! My friend wanted to buy this too. I wonder what will she say if she notices it. ;D So yeah. There you go. Haha.

Moving on, I want to thank every person who commented on my previous post. Fyi, did you know that I find it hard to find boy bloggers? It made me happy to see that there were some who commented in my previous post. Haha. Thanks. Btw, I know. I would follow my heart's desire. Thanks to all of you. If he is persistent, maybe one day. but not now. I have priorities lining up. Plus, what and who I want also matters, right?

Anyway, I will end this post with a lovely quote my teacher told us.
We are gifted uniquely. It is just a matter of doing and loving that gift passionately that makes few people a lot more special than others. You have your gift. Find out what that is and make something good out of it.


  1. more fab with the shoes. btw, ill linked you an my site. hope to be linked too. :P thanks for the comment.

  2. I so like it sis! so cuuuttteee! ako kasi, laging lens ang binibili online. haha~ . I like your'e bg music. anung awit yan sis ? gusto kong i DL kung matutulog ako. HAHA! :))

  3. Cute!!! But BOO you should have bought the sushi one, j/k haha, you're going to wear the shoe not me :P I hope you enjoy wearing them and get lots of compliments haha :)

  4. they are so cute! I''m considering ordering a pair myself! :D

  5. hey sis! I like the color of your new shoes :D is it comfy? It's nice you got to have the shoes you want. anyways, what's the title of your bg music here? I'm looking for cute music to put in my friend's video as a birthday gift :) would really help. :D

  6. aw. ambilis. nabili mo agad. It's so fab sis!!

  7. love it. i want to have one too :) haha

  8. OMG ur SKIMMERS looks so pretty :D

    Envy much..


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