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If I were...

Sometimes, I wonder. How is it to be like Bill Gates to have all the money to buy what he wants or like Paris Hilton's body and beauty. But when I look at the way my life has gone through, I say this life couldn't get any better because I love it the way it is. I may have difficulties in life but this is the life for me. Maybe if I were someone else, I would not get to blog or I would not meet such wonderful people in my life such as my mom and you guys, my fellow bloggers.

We all crave for something that is beyond our reach. Oh come on, that is human nature. Even the rich want something more than what their wealth can give them. Sometimes, what they wanted are for free such as happiness, friendship and love. Those that cannot be bought with money.

See, when you think of money,you'll get corrupted by it. But when you look back to every person who is just behind you if everything goes wrong, you'll live a happy life. The thing is, we just have to be contented with what we are and what we have.

Everything in this world has a reason. If I am poor and ugly, that has reason. So as if I were rich and beautiful. It is the path we take that makes us better. Either we choose to be good or bad. That makes the difference. The looks, money, and rank in society is nothing compared to the friendship, care, and love you receive. :)

The thing is, I am glad that I am a blogger and I met such wonderful people like you people.
PS: I am now adding people in my Facebook account. Add me up if you want people. I will be waiting. =) Add a message when you add too so that I will know if you are a blogger or not.


  1. i like paris but sometimes na tuturn off ako saknya. who doesn't want to be in paparazzi ? m e wants to be too. but i never dream to be one f the. hahah ü btw, added you at fb ^^

  2. that is so true! I totally agree with you :) Everyone dreams to be a superstar. Let's be contented with what we have and what we are. If we were meant to be a superstar then so be it. You'll never know until the right time comes. Let's be thankful that we have such wonderful people surrounding us~

  3. There are still times that I feel that way these past few weeks. But I also think I'm lucky with who am and where I am right now. :)

    Maybe someday, we will reach our dreams and be successful in our own way and not by being someone else. :)
    .-= Joyce´s last blog ..Julia Sheer and Tyler Ward =-.

  4. you don't have to have everything just to be happy. Make wonderful memories instead!! that'll make life better!

    God bless xoxo
    .-= sweetham´s last blog ..Near to end =-.

  5. You're right sis. Sabi nga nila, the more you earn, the more you spend. Even the richest people in the world would have something to crave for. That's why, we should be contented on what we have. For what we have right now is actually, what we need.
    .-= Gracey´s last blog ..It all started in the online world. =-.


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