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Glued to Glee

I know right! I am just like everybody else who are now glued to watching glee. Unlike you people, I have to wait for torrents to be uploaded so that I will be able to download them since there is no TV connection at home. :storm: Glee has this certain factor that makes me go loco. Plus, the songs are great.

My crush on the cast? It's Cory Monteith (of course) and his bestfriend (in the series) Marc Salling. Yay! They are rockin great. My fave song from the series is Defying Gravity. Lea's voice is just so great.

Anyhow, ELECTION is coming up people. How are your choices? Who are your bets? If only I was going home, I would vote. Sadly, I won't. :( But my National bets are Gordon and Binay (GorBy for short).

Hurray for them. How about you guys??


  1. HOORAY! I found a gleek again! :D I'm so glued to glee too! ♥.♥ Finn isn't my crush. :) But I like PUCK! Daarrn Hot Man! Whoosh! XD

    How do I breathe. <3
    .-= Joyce´s last blog ..DSJC 75th Anniversary =-.

  2. ohw.... GLEE is super LOVE!! hahaha.. I'm also watching Glee through torrents lng din sis. di ko kase alam yung schedule niya sa cable..hehehehe.. :)

    Naku.. Binay din ako for Vice but I go for Noynoy for Pres. hehehehe..:)
    .-= RHEA´s last blog ..Freebies anyone? =-.

  3. NO NOT YOU TOO! haha j/k. I was into Glee the first time it came out and I kept up for a few weeks, but afterwards school got in the way and I kinda lost interest with all that drama that went on in the show haha. They've got some catchy songs though! :)

  4. well, GLEE is the best musical tv series out there, nice characters and nice songs :`;

  5. i am a certified Gleek and i really love the TV Show GLEE. Diana is very pretty ;,;


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