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Bday Bash Giveaway

Hey guys. My 19th birthday on June 10, 2010 is coming up. I am giving away $5 on that day. It's  a thank you for all the blessings I received for almost 19 years now. Everyone can join if you all want. I know it's a bit low for a prize but it's all I can give for now. I hope I can get more SPs so that I will be able to give back monthly. :)
How to get the chance to grab the $5?

Simple, just comment on this post with the words ENTER ME. You can add a bday message too if you want.

Be sure that you have a Paypal Account if you want to join since that will be the only way I can give you the $5.

I will post a video on June 11, 2010 for the announcement of the lucky winner to receive the $5. That's all. =)


May 29: I will be giving $2 as second Prize.


  1. ENTER ME.... :D

    am i the first to enter your bday giveaway????

    well advance happy 19th bday...

  2. this is a great birthday bash ^^. wee. I'll join. I do not have any bucks in my paypal na ee. waaa ! ENTER ME :DD, June celebrant ka rin pla. wee ~ madami pla tayong mga June. hihi ^^. advance happy birthday sis . muaa
    .-= JHEN´s last blog ..confuse much? happy slight. recovering? i dunoo. =-.

  3. ENTER ME~! ^^ advance happy birthday~! What a birthday bash, huh? It's you're birthday soon, you shouldn't be giving away the stuff. XD Have a good day!!

  4. Enter me ♥

    Advance Happy Birthday sis! :))


  5. ENTER ME!!!

    hha. advance happy bday sissy!

    nineteen kn pla. pro ok lng un, bata p yan! :D

    psali ako sis ah ? :)

    Tc always...

    .-= Cei´s last blog ..It’s Gonna be a Long Break =-.

  6. OOh your birthday is just two days in front of my friend's birthday. Yay you're turning 19! I'm turning 20 pretty soon. :) On May 30th to be exact. :D

    Ah I don't want to take your $5 from you so I'll let everyone else who wants it more to get a chance at it. I hope you have the most wonderful 19th birthday, Ayah!
    .-= Tiff´s last blog ..A Letter to Anyone =-.

  7. ENTER ME.

    advance Happy B-day sis. My birthday is coming pretty soon too. But i don't have such money to give.LOL. More blessings to come sis. MUAH!
    .-= Noriza´s last blog ..Lee Jun Ki =-.

  8. ENTER ME!!!!

    happy birthday to you...

    happy birthday to you..

    happy birthday,happy birthday.......

    happy birthday to you!


  9. ENTER ME!

    aahhhh~ what a great birthday bash!!^^ you will be a year older once again ate:) your last year for being a teenager^^ pro okay lng yan ate..bata ka parin naman^^ kaya enjoy ka lang! and oh, I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST for your birthday! including a good health and a SMILE for every bitterness you will encounter in the future ^____^


    this big smile is for you!


  10. ENTER ME! And may you have a very very happy birthday! (:
    .-= Fretz´s last blog ..The Gift =-.

  11. ENTER ME ♥

    Advance Happy Birthday AYAH!

    Wishing you a happy happy birthday girl! :) Well the only wish I can give you right now is.. hmmm.. I wish your wishes will be granted ;>

    WOW.. it's your birthday yet you're the one who will give a gift! two thumbs up for that :-bd I guess in return God will bless you more :) ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
    .-= TRISH´s last blog ..Girls love shopping! =-.

  12. ENTER ME...

    $5 may appear like a small amount,, but it could really be of big help..

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wishing you all the best for your 19th year and the years to come..
    .-= Aiverlyn´s last blog ..Long time no blog.. =-.

  13. ENTER ME! ^_^

    and advance happy birthday~

  14. ENTER ME!!

    Wow, Advance Happy Birthday sis! Ok lang kahit maliit yang giveaway mo! Malaking halaga na samin yan! Have a great day sa birthday mo! Sana lahat ng wishes on your birthday ay makuha mo. Goodluck :)
    .-= Deann´s last blog ..Weight Loss? =-.

  15. enter me.

    api api bday sissy.

    hope u had a wonderful bday


  16. Enter me! :)

    Parehas kayo ng birthday ng brother ko, ako naman sa June 13. Yeah! Tumatanda na tayo! I'm turning 19 too :) Anyways, advance happy birthday. Wish ko? Sana lahat ng wishes mo matupad. :) God bless you! Take care! ♥

  17. wow that's easy!

    ENTER ME! :)

    yay. Advance happy bday. Mine's on June 7. hha!
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..gays act like a bitch 5x more than a girl. =-.

  18. Wow how sweet. Makes me think of birthdays differently since usually it's not the birthday girl who gives something away :P

    Happy early birthday, I hope you have an awesome one when it comes.

    Enter me!

    Take care, hon.

  19. Advance happy 19th birthday to you!

    Thank you for making this contest possible. You're so kind because you could make a contest and the good thing is that the prize is money. A lot of blogger like me needs money. I'm joining in this contest. Good luck to all the other contestants, too! This is gonna be fun!

    .-= La Reyn´s last blog ..A Heavenly Creation =-.

  20. enter me!!! happy birthday as well sis god bless you

  21. ENTER ME ♥

    Happy B-day to you.

    Happy B-day to you.

    Advance Happy B-day! Have a nice day 7 God Bless you always! xoxo
    .-= Shekinah´s last blog ..Sour Belts =-.

  22. goodluck to those who will join. :)

    advance happy birthday. :)
    .-= pam´s last blog ..A stressful end… =-.

  23. ENTER ME!

    happy birthday miss :)

    supah generous :)

  24. wow that's awesome! Advance happy birthday to you! :) and I do hope there will be more SP's for you :)

    ENETER ME! :)

  25. Advance Happy Birthday Ayah :) ENTER ME. Such a sweet giveaway. Enjoy your life!
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..And She Came Back.. =-.

  26. ENTER ME. :D

    oh gosh, this is my first time to join a bday bash giveaway like this. haha! :D anyway, advance happy bday sis! Godbless you always.
    .-= Sheng´s last blog ..Want free Skittles? =-.

  27. enter me!

    ohh birthday girls are everywhere! haha i am too.

    happy birthday.wish you all the best and happiness in life. and good health to you and your family. thank him for giving you another year! :)
    .-= shugah´s last blog ..looking for reliable webhost =-.

  28. ENTER ME!! :) Happy birthday!! In 3 days time! I'm just trying my luck. ^-^


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