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5 Tips To Organize Your Out-of-Control Closet

Messy closets are a nightmare to wade through for anyone. Clumps of clothes, stacks of shoes, and piles of purses all add up, making an intentional and simple organization system imperative. However, with a little forethought and planning, anyone can have a streamlined, easy morning experience in their closet. Check out these five tips for closet organization

1. Shoe Racks 

Straighten out your stacks of shoes by investing in a shoe rack. Whether sitting on the floor or hanging inside the closer, shoe racks can give you a better visual of your shoes while keeping them from becoming an overwhelming mess on the floor. 

2. Jewelry Drawer Organizers 

While many might assume hooks and racks are the only ways to store necklaces and rings, jewelry drawer organizers are actually a versatile and simple way to tuck away important pieces. Easily adaptable, they can help declutter shelves and walls. 

3. Shelf Dividers 

Keeping stacks of sweaters or shirts straight is a job unto itself. Prevent them from toppling into each other (or even off the shelf!) by trying out clear plastic shelf dividers that hold them in place. This can even be an organization system by itself — try labeling or color-coding them to make putting away laundry a breeze. 

4. Storage Boxes & Bins 

Have an old sweater from Grandma Edith that never needs to see the light of day, or a snow jacket that remains in the forefront of your closet all through July? Storage boxes and bins are an easy way to swap through seasonal clothing and hide away rarely worn pieces. 

5. Back-of-Door Hooks

Why ignore all the empty space on the back of your closet door? Whether you put shoes, scarves, purses, or even towels on the back of your door, using that extra space can clear up the rest of your room. It’s an especially useful place for often-worn pieces that you can grab as you run out the door.

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