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Look and Feel Young Throughout Your Lifetime

Most women worry about getting older. Their appearance is a big issue, but they also are afraid of slowing down. Unfortunately, they often overcompensate for their age by trying to act and look like a teenager. This can actually make one look even older then they are. The other extreme is to become way too modest and understated. The following suggestions will help keep you centered as you age.


The way you do your make-up will change over time. As a person ages, their skin and hair lose color pigment. The dark colors that looked dramatic on someone in their twenties will look unnatural and shocking on people in their fifties. That doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy. Simply tome it down. Rather than using black eyeliner, brush dark brown eyeshadow under the lower lashes. You’ll also want to start with a reputable anti aging skin care routine like the ones from Hollywood Beauty Secrets.


Dress your age. This doesn’t mean you have to look like your grandmother. What it does mean is for you to be sensible. Let the teenagers wear the Daisy Duke shorts and choose something longer for yourself. Sleeveless shirts may be more appropriate then spaghetti strap tanks, and make sure your clothes fit properly.


Some parts of aging are unavoidable though, but you can deal with them in a healthy manner. If your eyes can't read like you used to, you don’t have to use the glasses. Ask your doctor about multi-focal contact lenses.

You may also want to put more emphasis on a good exercise routine as you age to remain limber and healthy.

Knowing how to dress and do your make-up, as well as maintain your health, will allow you to look young and beautiful longer. By accepting your age rather than fighting against it, you will actually look and feel better about yourself.

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