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My Cup of Tea: Expensive Clothes and Confidence

Do we really need to have all those designer clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc to look good and be confident with ourselves?

There is a misconception that one looks far better when wearing luxurious clothes than affordable ones. This has been the reason why a lot of people dream of being wealthy – to shop endlessly and to look like one filthy rich girl next door. Looking great and being confident does not have any direct relationship to the clothes we wear.

Ladies who wear cheap women’s tops from FashionMia are of equal importance with those who wear Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Dior. The former can even have better confidence than the latter.

Attitude is something we inculcate within ourselves. It does not come with a price tag, although it does come with a lot of effort and belief. Moreover, one can look good whether she wears cheap or luxurious clothes. It is a matter of how one carries herself and her style. Even if you wear cheap cocktail dresses to a party, make sure you bring your clothes, not the other way around! 

Remember, even if you own every luxurious item on earth, you will never look good when you don’t believe you do. Looking good is more of a belief that we are beautiful sans expensive attire.

The best thing that a lady can strut around is her good heart, confidence, and advocacy for a better world. Nothing beats inner beauty. And no amount of clothes can make you feel empowered than the faith you have with yourself. 

Here’s to all beautiful and empowered women across the globe – from those who can afford luxury and those who cannot. We are worth it! And we can change the world!

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