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6 Ways You Can Help an Urgent Care Doctor Make an Accurate Diagnosis

Seeing an urgent care clinic doctor is the first step in getting an accurate diagnosis. There are a few things you can do to help make sure that the diagnosis is right and made quickly.

Describe Your Symptoms as Completely as Possible
Be as descriptive as possible when explaining to medical professionals what the problem is. You may simply feel tired, achy and irritable, but being able to fully describe pain, location and how long you have felt bad can all be important clues. Good communication between doctor and patient is the first step to a quick and accurate medical diagnosis.

Offer a Complete Medical History
There can be existing medical conditions, or ones in the past that have a bearing on the problems you are experiencing in the present. Be sure and give them an accurate and up-to-date medical history.

Take a Picture if Something Bit, or Stung You
Poisonous spiders, snakes and bee stings can all become life-threatening medical emergencies in a hurry. Almost everyone has a smart phone these days. use it to your advantage if you find that you get bit or stung. Take a quick picture to help identify whether it is a poisonous species. This way the doctor will know what to give you to counteract any poison venom.

Let the Urgent Care Staff Know if You Are Allergic to Any Medications
Allergic reactions to medications can make it tougher to get well. They can also be serious enough to cause life-threatening conditions. Be sure and let the health professionals at the urgent care clinic know if you have any known medication allergies. They can adjust treatment accordingly.

Be Willing to Undergo Diagnostic Testing
No one looks forward to undergoing a series of diagnostic tests, but it may be necessary to find out how to make you better. It helps to understand that no doctor wants to put you through unnecessary expensive testing and they will only recommend essential tests pertaining to the symptoms you have.

Let the Doctor Know if You Are Feeling Better or Worse
Rarely does a medical problem go away while at the urgent care clinic, but there are times that it can worsen without much warning. make sure to let the staff know if you are experiencing more severe pain and worsening of symptoms. It may be required to send you on to a traditional emergency room if the condition is worse than presumed at first glance.

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