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Tea Stories: The Door

My head is thumping. I thought to myself, “I need a medicine.” I reached for the bedside table with my eyes still close; I know I left my medicine and a glass of water there before I slept last night. I kept on reaching but I can only feel the cold breeze. I’ve never felt the wind like this from the aircon. It is different – way too different.

I opened my eyes to check if I was reaching in the right direction. Wait. Where am I? This isn’t my room. I immediately sat on the bed. The light is too bright. I had to close my eyes and open them slowly. I am alone in a field full of flowers – roses, dandelions, daisies, sunflower, tulips and more. Name them all. They’re there. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut from awe. How did I end up here?

For all I know, I slept with a headache last night. I took my medicine and slept. I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming. It hurts. I got up. I am still in my PJs. On my feet, I stepped into the damp grass. The flowers were so pretty; I’m stuck for a few minutes just adoring them.

I am still in awe when one object got my attention. Not far from where I was, there is a door. It looked nothing like my bedroom door. I wonder what is beyond that door. There are no walls – just the door. I thought someone might be out of his mind to leave a door in this wonderland.

I walked toward the direction of the door. It looks like a vintage door and probably was left here quite long ago. The white paint was peeling off already. On its sides, the flowers and the veins are stuck to it like they have been acquainted for months already. The pink, white and red roses made the door look more appealing to anybody who sees it. Then, a hint of fear hit me.

What if what is beyond this door is not as pretty as it looked outside? I have to check the other side first before opening it. At arms-length distance, the gold doorknob was inviting. The intricate details were a masterpiece. I still thought, “How can someone leave something so precious like this door here?”

I went to the other side of the door. There was nothing there – only flowers and grasses. Maybe this is a good-for-nothing joke! The sweet breeze blew. My hair simply loved it.  The temperature was just right.  

So, what will I do here? Will I walk further? Will I open the door? Am I really alone? Is there somebody else here?

I went to the door again. I inspected it. Wait! There is a peephole. Under the marble, there is a message.

“Only those who take risks are able to see wonders.”

Reading it gave me chills. I am the kind of person who never takes risks. If I did, I already calculated the risk of my actions. Otherwise, I’d rather stick to the familiar.

I tiptoed and reached my eyes to the peephole. Inside were numerous books arranged beautifully in vintage shelves. I thought to myself, is it a library? I was eager to see the books. Wait! There is someone there, but I could hardly see if it was a man or a woman. But the person was cleaning the shelves. I sat on the grass in front of the door and thought deeply.

This is one of those days that I have to decide on whether I should go inside and find out what’s in store for me or just be here – alone. I shivered and sweated like there is no tomorrow. I was holding my hands to my chest. I looked at my surroundings. The bed looked so comfortable. The flowers were amazing. The breeze was just the perfect company.

But, the books inside looked so promising. And there is a person there. Who knows? There might be more of them. It took me hours contemplating on what I should do, till I heard my stomach growling. It is already noontime, I presumed.

I stood. I cannot starve myself in this nothingness nor can I live alone for the rest of my life. Whatever there is behind this door, I will see what I can do when I reach there. I have to take the risk. If not, I will rot here forever.

I stood and reached for the doorknob. It is glistening. It is really beautiful. I tried to knock first. Nobody answered. I slowly twisted the knob. My heart is pounding rapidly. I could hardly breathe.

Click! - the sound of the door opening. I pushed the door to open it wider.  Then…

{This is a project where I try to write stories about simple things we see in our daily lives. I have challenged myself to delve more into writing prose and stories than just about my life. The stories were written freely - without taking into consideration grammatical and sentence construction errors.}

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