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Attending #theZulTiqWedding

Last month, I had my Kuala Lumpur and Singapore travel. The highlight of my travel was finally meeting Shea Rasol, Lia Ardiatami, Syahira Zakaria, Nisah Farid and Tiq Zulkifli.

When I bought the tickets to Kuala Lumpur, I wasn't really planning on going to Singapore. But when I shared to our WA group that I am going to Malaysia on August 31, Tiq told us that her wedding will be on September. It was very convenient to go to her for me from KL. Lia also was ecstatic to share that she can come to KL from Indonesia and Nisah will be home (in KL) for her holidays, too. It was like a dream! Five of us will be converging on Tiq's special day!!!

You don't know how many chats Lia and I had prior to meeting of how amazing our online friendship has been! We've known each other since 2011 prior to all these style blogging thing. :) Back then, we were just personal blogging. Ma sha Allah. Truly, the technology creates wonderful friendships and bonds if you use it well.

We arrived at Changi Airport on 2nd of September, 2016. We took the taxi to the hotel and asked if we can at least put our things to one of our two rooms since it wasn't check-in time yet. Then we headed outside to eat lunch. Later that night, we met with Tiq for her pre-wedding dinner together with her beautiful bridesmaids. 

Tiq's beautifully-henna-designed hands!

We attended the solemnization and the afternoon reception. The nikah was so beautiful and emotional. Ma sha Allah, what a wonderful scenery it is to watch two beautiful souls tying the knot and made halal for each other. When Tiq cried, we all sobbed as well. <3

With the beautiful people from around Southeast Asia. <3

With the groom and bride for the afternoon reception.

For the afternoon part of the wedding day, we were tasked as the first "hadang" among three (bridesmaids and Tiq's family). Before Zul, the groom, can go to Tiq, he must be able to do the challenges we ask him. The first task we made him do was to moonwalk. He had to try two times! hahah. The next challenge was to shout as loudly as possible the words: "I LOVE YOU ATIQAH!" He did three times because we were not convinced that it was loud enough during the first and the second. hahaha It was really fun to make fun of him! :P

One with the most beautiful bride! 

The best part of the wedding reception are these juices! <3 I looooooove them all! 

Bloggers will be bloggers. :P

Tiq's gift to us. <3 Love these so much!

After the wedding, we slept for a while. Afterwards, we went to East Coast Park Beach to have our dinner and just chill. It was so hard to take good enough photos during the dark. hahaha. So, please, don't mind our haggard looks. We were so tired, nonetheless, we enjoyed each others' companies. <3 We talked about philosophies, religion, poverty, blogging and fashion. Ma sha Allah, these are very knowledgeable girls I was with.

I couldn't be any happier to meet the girls. It was one of the best highlights of my 2016. After a year of friendship online, we were able to finally meet. <3 Urgh, I truly love these girls. They didn't only add to my knowledge about fashion and style, but also immensely contributed to my faith and spirituality. 


  1. Beautiful wedding. I don't see many outdoor weddings. Ang ganda pala dahil sa lighting. Nakakafresh. Kai iimbitahin moko pag turn mo na ha?

  2. yes Aye. May mga malalaking fans lang. kasi literal din ang init sa SG ba. :)


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