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How to Make PowerPoint Shows Enjoyable for the Audience

One of the biggest problems with business related PowerPoint presentations is the inability of the creator to capture the viewers' attention. A PowerPoint is designed to engage the audience; however, some designers still fail to utilize the PowerPoint program at its full potential.

Avoiding Walls of Text
One of the biggest problems with boring PowerPoint presentations is the use of massive walls of text within slides. Instead, presentations should contain small amounts of text per slide. If there is a lot of information to be absorbed, in depth analysis reviews or explanations should be printed and handed out to accompany the presentation. The presentation can then be used to touch base with important topics, highlight important facts and figures, and keep the audience engaged.

Never Using Hard to Read Fonts
Using difficult to read fonts can strain the eyes of viewers; therefore, all attractive fonts should be crisp and able to be read clearly. Standard fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial, are best for PowerPoint slide designs. If a more attractive font is used, it is better to use it as a title font.

Using Questions to Engage Viewers
One of the best ways to make a PowerPoint slide presentation interactive is to utilize questions. These questions could review material within the presentation, encourage the audience to give their own opinions, or spur creatively suggestions for the company. This helps to boost morale and participation during the presentation, as everyone wants their voices to be heard.

Utilizing Humor 
Humor truly is the spice of life. Bringing humor into a presentation is a tasteful and related way can most definitely increase the participation and attention of the audience. Humor can be integrated with a sassy and entertaining host or presenter, related video clips, or even a hired comedian who takes part as a member of the audience. Laughing has a very positive impact on an individual's outlook, mood, psychological health, and morale. If the presentation can be turned into a fond, happy, and fun memory, it can be considered successful.

PowerPoint shows were not created just to get information across to the viewer. They became popular because of their ability to make presentations fun, animated, interactive, and media rich. PowerPoints can be time consuming to design but they are one of the most effective and entertaining learning tools available.

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