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Virtual Blog Tour ala Lilpink: My Writing Process

So, I've been tagged by beautiful Joyce of Gee, thanks J. I loved your post. I hope you, my readers, understand more the purpose of this blog as you read on.

1. What am I working on? 

This blog is all about me, my interests, and whatnots. So, you can call it lifestyle and everything-about-Kai blog. Since I am mostly inclined in modest fashion, you have prolly gone through a lot of my OOTD posts, as listed here. Aside from this blog, I maintain other blogs, as well. They vary from food (, interior designing ( and religion ( You can say that I am all over the blog niches. Lol. But, I always keep updated as compared with the other blogs.

My blogs are more about what I want to share with people. They are an outlet of my wildest ideas and dreams. There are days when I post up to maximum 7 entries; there are days that I don't have any posts. Basically, when I have something to share, poof! A post is up. When nothing, this and other blogs can go hiatus for a looooong period of time. 

After all, blogging is a hobby, not a liability. ^^

2. How does my work differ from others of its type/genre? 

This blog differs from the others because, dang, it is about my interests and my life. Others, too, are about themselves and their interests in life. There is no need for comparison. Each blog is unique. Even my food blog is about the food that I like to eat. That's the difference, right there. ^___^ 

3. Why do you write what you do? 

As mentioned, I love sharing my ideas. I am not some sort of a whacko who does not like to share anything.  You are here for something. Maybe entertainment, maybe to get ideas. I don't know.  What matters is I helped you in some way I could. This is my principle in blogging - to always share what I know is worth sharing.

4. How does my writing process work?

I am not like other bloggers who maintain a calendar, notebook, planner etc. I write whenever I like. And when I have something in mind, I run directly to my blog. Write it all down. Then, publish! As you can read my posts, I don't proofread unless I am writing business letters or whatever. So, you will always find grammar and sentence construction errors somewhere. I know scrutiny will come soon, but I can care less. After all, this is a blog - not some sort of The Washington Post. 

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  1. salam..,ganda ng mga post mo..HYPE!.., may mga blogger din pala pinay hijabi kala ko kac wala kaya tinatamad ako e update blog ko..hehe, na inspired mo ko mag update,hehe buti nakita ko blog mo..hehe anyway may IG ACCOUNT ka? para follow natin each other (feeling close na agad..hehe) dhyeehijabifying pala IG ko, bago lang din nag IG ACCOUNT,hands on mom kac..busy sa mga kids ko..hehe.., salam ulit. sana makareply ka

    1. Wa alaikumussalam dear.

      Alhamdulillaah, meron naman. ^___^ I've been blogging for 7+ years now. hehe. I've followed your IG. I cant view your blog kasi i cant see your profile. Nkaprivate. ^^

  2. salam ulit..sis, thanks sa pag follow, follow you back.., dito ka manila?

    1. wa alaikumussalam sis.

      nope. nasa mindanao ako ngayon eh. :(

  3. san ka sa mindanao sis? kala ko dito ka manila, wala pa kac ako nam,meet na hijabi blogger like you.., dapat gawa community para sa mga hijabi blogger..hehe..

  4. Hello Kai, I decided to leave a comment here since this seems interesting! I'm glad "tags" are still going around the blogosphere. :)

    As for me, I don't have a calendar too since I blog about what's currently going on my life and i blog them as soon as I can. I have drafts, because whenever an idea comes up, I have to tyle it down on my Notes app or else I'll forget about it. But most of my drafts were never published. Haha

    I was hoping to read the posts from other bloggers too, the ones you tagged here but I guess they haven't done it yet since no one from them has left a comment here yet.

  5. Thanks for the tag sis! Same here, I actually tried planning my posts but I was never able to follow anything :| I just write and review whatever is that I'm loving at the moment and whenever I try to push myself to write something because it's in my planner, I'm not satisfied with the content so I just follow my heart and write whatever I want hahaha.


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