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Pretty Dresses for Bridesmaid Wear from WeddingShe

Salam ladies. 

You have normally been seeing a lot of wedding dresses and gowns in this blog. For now, let's move over to the bridesmaids. Aside from the bride, there are several girls who are really excited for the wedding And they are none other than her bridesmaids. They have to be second-prettiests on the wedding, you know. 

I've already told you that I am working with on bringing you some of my thumbs-up-worthy dresses from them. And I am gonna show you my top three again. You can see these dresses and many others on this link:

Since I am currently obsessed with pastel pink + peach, I've picked my top 3 Pretty Dresses for Bridesmaid Wear of the same colour. Bear with me. :D

At number 3 is this dress with peplum-ish lace top. The bridesmaid will look gorgeous with this dress.It also hides the belly part which most of us have enormous problems (keeping it flat). So yeah, this is definitely a thumbs up.

At number 2 is this very lovely dress with florals made from the same cloth. It will bring out the sweet and romantic look for the bridesmaids. I would love this in other colours as well such as tosca, cobalt blue and crimson. 

And my number one has to have laces and florals. haha. I know, I am bias! This would have to be the perfect wear for any wedding. Sweet, romantic, not really showing much. Just perfect. In my case, I would have to get myself a blazer, but I would still rock it. 

Weddingshe sure knows my tastes since they have these in their products. They are continuously been having sales and discounts. So you have to always check their site. 

Anyway, out of the three dresses, which is your personal fave? Lemme know. 


  1. All of them are stunning! They would make great bridesmaids dresses or even simple evening gowns! Love your taste in dresses!


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