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Personal Favorites and Pretty Wedding Dresses from WeddingShe

It is a pasttime hobby to browse wedding videos on Youtube. I get so emotional whenever I see wedding videos like I am the one to be wedded. #lol It is a beautiful hobby actually. It makes you realize how we need to get ourselves ready to be called another person's better-half. To be that kind of better is a struggle. But it will all be worth it.

As usual, when you are watching wedding videos, all eyes are on the bridal gown. Like, it has always been the center of attention. Just to be clear, I am for modest wedding gowns. I am collaborating with a wedding gown shoppe, to bring you the best on your wedding day. I hope you will like the series of blogposts I will be posting. You will eventually love them all that you just wanna get married right away.

To start, here are some of my personal favorites among the pretty wedding dresses from You can see the pretty bridal wedding dresses catalog here:

A-line One-Shoulder Floor-length Chapel Pick-up Wedding Dress

This is one of my favorites because it transcends the words elegance and intricate. The lace just matched the flow of the dress. This would be most appealing when worn to a garden wedding. You would definitely feel like Aphrodite.

Cap Sleeves Square Neckline Scooped Back Small Bow Taffteta Ballgown Wedding Dress

Aside from simplicity, this dress is a neck-breaker. You would definitely awe the crowd when you walk in this lovely ballgown. It does not boast too much details but the simplicity proves itself worth of the love you have during your wedding.

Long Sleeved Lace Princess Wedding Gown

And of course, the top of them all. I love laces too much that I can't take my eyes off of this one. Simple yet elegant and indeed, very princess-y. Your would-be better-half would definitely thank God he found you.

Those were some of my favorites from WeddingShe. Now, it is your time to pick. Which of their wedding gowns are your personal favorite? I will be posting wedding ideas and more on my succeeding posts - still part of the collaboration. 


  1. Ahh beautiful dresses! :) I love the simplicity and elegance of the third one - lace really never fails!

  2. beautiful dresses!
    would you like to follow each other? :)
    I'll follow back after it


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