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How to Define Your True Style of Fashion

Does your self image show in your clothing? Do you feel comfortable in the things you wear or do you feel not quite like yourself? It’s important to choose a defining style - it helps you communicate to the rest of the world what you’re all about! Follow these tips for identifying your personal style.

1. Put some thought into who you really are. What are your interestes, desires and aspirations? What do you like about your past and what would you rather leave behind? What type of lifestyle do you want?

2. Think about what you want to communicate to others. What do you want them to say about you and what you wear?

3. Flip through fashion magazines and pay attention to what catches your eye. Are you drawn to punk clothes or more classic outfits? Cut out pictures and make an inspiration board if it’ll help you visualize your style more.

4. Accentuate your assets. Do you love your legs or your waist? Would you like to cover up your stomach but show off your shoulders? Pick clothing with cuts that highlight your best features and cleverly hide the features you don’t love.

5. If you don’t know much about fashion, do a little research. What does silk feel like? How does it compare to polyester? What are the different types of prints? As you learn more, you’ll start to discover what you like and what you don’t.


  1. This is really helpful actually, my only problem is my size, the styles I like won't fit because I have broader shoulders and a larger chest. Buying clothes is a challenge always, and I never feel like I'm really dressed the way I want to.

    1. awh. i kind of can relate to you, sis. i have a hard time buying jeans. and since i dont like the sizes available, i just dumped jeans. hahah. ^^
      you can always go for customization, but it is kind of expensive tho.

  2. I agree to this. Defining your style is like knowing yourself even more... but i hardly decide what my style is since it always depends on my mood. :)

  3. I agree to your post. Defining your style is like knowing yourself more and showing the world who you really are. I have a question thou, I dont really have a definite style to tell because it always depends on my mood or I really try things for a change as always. :) how can you define my style?

    1. ahm, i really dont know how to define your style sis. i have to see how you style yourself on a daily basis to be able to tell you this. :D


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