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Modest Wedding Gowns

Opting for a wedding gown that's conservative and modest doesn't have to equate to forgoing beauty, elegance, grace, style and femininity. In fact, if we look back in time, we'll find that modesty actually further accentuates the aforementioned qualities. Take Princess Diana of Wales or Princess Grace of Monaco, for example. Their wedding dresses were the envy of every woman, and their dresses were modest.

For modest brides these days, gown shopping can turn out to be a rather frustrating and disappointing experience, what with the gown selections available. Because no woman should feel that way when it comes to selecting dresses for her big day, we present to you three tips and tricks to help you out on your hunt for the perfect wedding dress, that's no less than modest of course.

You don't have to limit your choices by sticking to high necklines. The neckline of this dress is modest in that it promises not to reveal much yet stylish due to the sweetheart cut. For strapless dresses or dresses with sleeves like the ones on this dress, throwing on a cute, complementary outerwear will do the trick.

For sleeveless gowns, you could either cover up with, say, a cute cape or a sophisticated shrug or, alternatively, have a seamstress sew in some sleeves. An experienced one may be pricier but she'll do the job perfectly so you can be assured that the sewn in sleeves won't look odd or out of place.

And with lace being such a hit with brides in addition to it exuding tons of elegance and femininity, a wedding dress like this one with it's lace-y long sleeves will definitely have you looking fashionable yet modest.

The hunt for a modest wedding dress doesn't have to be such a chore and with the options of outerwear and alterations, you won't have to compromise on your decision to pick something that's conservative and neither will you have to appear as if you're wearing a potato sack on your big day. After all, your wedding day is your day and your time to shine so regardless of your take on modesty, you deserve nothing less than the perfect wedding dress!

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I like the second one. Pag muslim you can't wear sleeveless Kai?

  2. Bet ko yung last pic. :)) Nahihilig ako sa lace ngayon. Haha.
    Kahit mainit gora lang. Hahaha. Ikaw ha bakit wedding gowns post mo? Inspiration? Hehe

  3. The last one is the best too :)
    Lace is always present when it comes to this kind of dress and I like it

  4. definitely love the 3rd one! Loving the laces.. tas ,may hawak ka ring bouquet of flowers. ♥ surreal for now. hahaha

  5. I really love the 2nd and 3rd wedding dress! :D
    And I was never a fan of getting married with my shoulders naked... I would honestly feel kind of embarrassed in front of God and the ministries. ^^'' Plus, long sleeves remind me of Disney princesses (like Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty)' dresses. Adorable! *-*

    ~ Luana S.


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