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Winter Plus-Size Fashion Tips for Curvy Ladies

With fall ending soon, people from the West are getting ready for the white blanket of snow to cover the pavements and countryside. Practical and warm winter clothing in terms of fashion and

style become an important necessity. While there is still nothing but rain in the East, we are also
experiencing colder weather. With the coldness that the seasons of both regions will be bringing,
people are looking for ways to still be fashionable.

If you shop for plus size clothes, you will love some of the womens plus size clothing at Bonmarche
that has arrived in store and online this year for winter.

Make long-sleeved blouses and shirts your best friends. Go for bright-colours because it makes you feel warm.

Cardigans should also become another closer friend of yours. These help a lot during your lazy days. If you happen to be lazy to prep before going out, just grab a cardigan and boots, and you're good to go.

 Jeans are a lot more comfortable to wear this season for the fact that they are made from thick denim material. You can never go wrong with jeans. And this should be another addition to your lazy day outfit. ^^ You can wear anything with jeans, They are one of the most versatile garments a fashion geek should have in their wardrobe.

For those formal gatherings, go with something that would complement the motif and theme
for that event. It is during this crucial time that you must learn to match what with what because
you certainly don't wanna catch a cold with the outfit that you'll wear. You can always match short
dresses with tights or sleeveless maxi dresses with vests.

Lastly, never forget that when everything else fails to make you warm this season, go to
the basics - knitwear or fur. These are the clothes that will always be there for you in the coldness of winter and keep you warm. Make sure you take care of them thought, like how they do you during those cold winter nights. For the classy events, go with fur, whilst for a casual meet-up knitwear is usually the best.

Whatever your endeavours this season, learn to love your body. Maintain a healthful living. Most importantly, wear the clothes you feel most comfortable wearing. Remember, health is wealth. And comfort is beauty.

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  1. personally, I really don't suggest cardigans since it widens the body.. thin belts are a must to make your shape slimmer and black is still a fave color.. :)


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me


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