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CBAA Days Opening Programme

Today marked the 45th year of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy of Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). Previously known as School of Management Technology, CBAA is the mother of MSU IIT.

Anyway, enough with the story about my college. This week is the celebration of CBAA Days. And today is the opening programme. We were all hyped up for the events, etc. In line with the opening program is the recognition of those who made great in the previous semester/year. I am happy to be part of it. :D

What I wore. So simple, I could die. Lol! The seniors/super seniors need to wear something red or anything close to it. And this maroon is all I got.

(Excuse the bathroom at my back. haha)

While the program goes on, Keithe snapped a lot of photos around. Again, thanks Kitoy! (Visit his blog here) :)

Anineee and eLti

Love this photo even though it has a lot of noise. >.<

As a graduating student, I am really tied with a lot of school works and lessons to study this year. That explains my lack of updates in here. I used to blog daily. But now, I can't even manage to blog once a week or so. That's why whenever I have the time, I make it a point to post as much as I can.

Tentenenen!!! My certificate! I am just so happy to be back in the dean's list. It's been a while. Really. It's been reaaaally a whole lot while. T_T

Us, proud with our identical GPAs. haha. I love you eLti dear.

Few of my batchmates who garnered GPA of 1.75 or better. There's more who are absent. :) I am just too proud to be in this batch wherein people are academically excellent, talented and good-looking. hihi.

Lastly, a remembrance photo c/o elti.


  1. U loooook sooo pretty sa mga pics kai! can't waiiiit for theeem naaah! ^__^

  2. Congrats in making the Dean's List. Your post reminded me of my college days where I was active with school organization.

  3. woow! cool sis! congrats!! :D ikaw na ang matalino! hehehe :D
    by the way, love your blog's new look now :)

  4. i love your make up :D simple man ang look, bet na bet ang make up! :D congrats in taking part of that seminar <3

  5. You really deserve the certificate! :) I envy you for being a deans lister nyahaha :)

  6. Hello Kai,

    Nice are really doing well.

    You are looking awesome in the pictures.

    Congratulations !!! for getting Certificate of Merit :)

    Thanks :)

  7. our school is also celebrating that.. I just realized that it is celebrated nationwide.. I thought sa amin lang.. haha.. :D

    - Justin -The World According To Me

  8. Still looking pretty despite the simple outfit! :)

  9. Hey :) thanks for your sweet comment and following me! I am
    now your follower as well!


  10. yay.
    Thank you so much sis. hihi

  11. Thank you so much Karen. You can do it too, yknow. hihi

  12. Hi Avinash. Thanks so much. :)

  13. i didnt know that too. akala ko sa amin lang din. hahah.

  14. naks. di naman sis. hahah. mtyaga lang tlga. :D
    Thank you so much

  15. Thank you so much, pero recognition day namin yan. :)

  16. Anineee! why are you here? hahah
    btw, ty mucho.

  17. hihi.
    Thank you so much Franc. Actually, not nmn ako active. XD

  18. interesting journal of your accomplishments and studies.


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