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Why Women Love Tacori Designer Jewelry So Much

Tacori Jewelry has manufactured handcrafted designer pieces for over four decades. Since their inception, the California-based jewelry manufacturer has produced multiple lines of chic, high-quality rings with precious gem stones. Tacori designer jewelry is routinely featured on fashion runways and in world-renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. The jewelry is also popular on Hollywood red carpets, where it is prominently worn by Tineseltown’s most glamorous starlets. Tacori’s use of high-quality materials and their association with Hollywood A-listers has made their jewelry the most coveted by women across the globe.
Tacori Designer Jewelry

Finding an engagement ring that suits your significant other’s style can be a tough task. However, Tacori engagement rings offer something for everyone. Whether you desire a modern piece for a woman who loves contemporary jewelry or heirloom and vintage pieces that are a throwback to bygone eras, the designer has a distinct piece to fit the bill. The rings feature the highest-quality oval, princess and brilliant round cut diamonds mounted on solitaire or three-stone settings. Precious metal bands are made from 18K white gold and yellow gold or platinum, and they feature distinct touches such as single or triple rows of pave diamonds and hand engraving. The pieces are so glamorous that Hollywood celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Nikki Reed and Ellen Pompeo own Tacori engagement rings.
Tacori Designer Jewelry

Tacori’s extensive line of his and hers wedding bands contain several options that will perfectly symbolize the unbreakable bond you share. Tacori wedding bands are made from a choice of platinum and 18K white, yellow or red gold precious metals. Women’s wedding bands are offered in simplistic, understated pieces that will compliment a striking Tacori engagement ring, and shimmering diamond-studded stunners that can stand alone on her finger. The rings range from modern mirror-smooth bands with high-polished finishes, to old-world style rings that feature horizon-set baguette diamonds.
Tacori Designer Jewelry

Their line of stylish, yet masculine, men’s wedding rings compliment the strength of the wearer’s hand by adding a touch of class and sophistication. Tacori wedding rings for men include distinct classic pieces with simple polished metal bands, and rings encrusted with rows of micro-pave diamonds. The line’s standout piece is the 18K red gold milgrain wedding band, which adds a touch of pop to a simple design.
Barclays Jewelers is an authorized retailer of Tacori Jewelry in Miami, Florida. Our expert staff will help you find a piece your significant other will love for a lifetime.

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