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My Top 7 Picks from Summer Shoe Collections

Hi. As you all know, brands have been updating their collections already for the Spring/Summer. I just want to share my top picks from the spring/summer shoe collections for 2012 of the different brands.

If I had only tons of money, I would buy all of the items listed below. Ah~!

#7 Ash Neon Orange Pumps

These pumps is perfect for any spring or summer party.

#6 Zara Gladiator Flats

Flats are always feet-friendly for a long walk during the summer. What's more enjoyable than an afternoon walk by the bay?

#5 Dr. Martens Needlepoint Unisex Shoes

For some of us, there is still school during summer. Thus, being fashionable is one of the ways to stay fresh despite the long day at school. These lovelies from Dr. Martens will surely make you look like a genius and fashionista.

#4 Blugirl Floral Peep-toe Pumps

Summer is all about flowers. It is when the flowers will bloom. Make yourself bloom this season by wearing something floral. When you go floral, be sure that the colours match with each other.

#3 Jeffrey Campbell Colourful Platforms

When you say adventurous and chic, Jeffrey Campbell will surely be on top. Why not surprise everyone with these colourful platforms to add up more height to you while enjoying your friends' company on a bonfire night.

#2 Nine West Shocking Pink Peep-toe platforms

It would be a blast jamming with friends. Why not prep up with these neon pink platforms from Nine West while wearing your favourite bohemian skirt or dress.

#1 Miu Miu Marine Summer Sandals

The top spot is garnered by Miu Miu with these Seahorsey sandals. It would be a more comfortable and elegant summer when you are wearing these exotic sandals from Miu Miu.

So, do we have the same picks and spots for each? Which is your favourite?


  1. i dont wear with heels except for formal occasions.  love the Zara Gladiator Flats and the Miu Miu Marine Summer Sandals!  they are super duper cute!!!

  2. the shocking pink platforms look great.
    pero the floral peep-toe pumps are just heart melting :>


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