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MOBILE OR DESKTOP: Which is preferable for online gaming?

Video gaming has been the go-to entertainment for most people in the world ever since it was introduced around the 1950s to 1960s. From simple games and simulations on mainframe computers such as Spacewar! to arcade and home video games from Atari, Computer Space, and Pong, many of us agree that some of these games have filled our free time with enthusiasm and joy.

However, as technology progress from the desktop to handheld phones, so is the way that people enjoy their video games. The advancement in technology paved way for these games to be introduced in smaller devices due to the smaller and low-cost microprocessors. Moreover, the introduction of the internet in the 1990s paved the way for users to play video games online. Then another shift in the said demographics was seen in the 2000s to 2010s when mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets was introduced.

Right now, the bigger question is which is really more preferable for online gaming? Is it through using our mobile phones? Or through the desktop/laptop computer? There are always pros and cons to a certain object, however, if you are playing through, you can always opt to play on both devices. Like how I played Tetris using a desktop. 

Anyway, let us lay down some of the aspects that matter when one plays a video game.

Processing speed: Desktop/Laptop

There is no way that mobile phones of today can yet compete with the processing speed of our very reliable desktop and laptop computers. This is the very reason that most of our work is still done on the latter as they can process way faster than mobile phones or tablets.

Online video games such as MMORPGs that require faster processing speed will require that you use a desktop or laptop computer for joyful playing.

Portability: Mobile 

Although our laptops are portable, they cannot compare to the portability offered by our mobile phones. The size and weight tell us the easy winner on this one. In fact, you can play anywhere with your mobile phone – even while pooping (at least when you’re bored sitting on the toilet bowl). 

Screen size: Desktop or Laptop

A lot of games have amazing graphics nowadays. And for you to enjoy those graphics, you need a bigger screen. With the amazing graphics also comes most of the critical information connected to the game. And if you are using a small six-inch phone, there is a higher probability that you will miss this important information to win the game. And most online MMORPGs really are best played using desktop or laptop.

Final Verdict

While it is true that mobile gaming has somehow displaced handheld consoles and casual gaming, it is yet far from replacing our very reliable desktop and laptop computers yet as there are some aspects that it cannot provide that the latter can.

Also, it all boils down to what is needed and played by the player. If you are playing Mobile Legends, bigger chances are you are using your phone as it is the much-preferred choice by the players. And if you are playing MMORPGs like Warcraft, you may prefer using your desktop and laptop computers.

What are the games you usually play? And on which device do you play such?

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