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How to Choose Paper Shredders That Don't Make A Lot Of Noise?

The number of businesses, as well as individuals who have started using paper shredders, is gradually increasing. These devices guarantee secure disposal of sensitive information which has no chance of being retrieved.
Although shredders exist on the market for hundreds of years, the ones which are available nowadays are appealing to customers owing to their smart features such as minimized sound, safety sensors, multiple speed and capacity as well as energy-efficiency.
Therefore, an increasing number of people is tempted to purchase such a machine for their offices or homes.  In case you are looking for one, the following tips will help you in selecting the right model.

Determine the type

Paper shredders come in multiple types depending on the method of shredding as well as the level of security you aim for. The strip-cut type is most suitable for people who aren’t trying to get rid of documents containing sensitive information, as this type cuts the paper in large strips.
The cross-cut variant is doubtlessly more effective than the previous one, as it shreds the paper in the form of confetti. The pieces are so tiny that there isn’t any possibility of someone assembling them in order to obtain the information once printed on the document. It shreds the documents in over two hundred pieces in comparison with the strip-cut type which results in maximum fifty pieces.
The most efficient variant is the micro-cut shredder, whose name indicates the size of the pieces it produces. It provides the highest level of security as it cuts a leaf of paper in more than two thousand pieces. There’s not even a slightest chance of discovering any information once the document goes through the device. Therefore, this type is mainly used by businesses and organizations dealing with top-secretive data.

Take speed into consideration

Speed is largely related to the intended use of the shredder, whether you plan to use it at home or in the office. Buying it just for personal use, doesn’t require a high speed, as you’ll be able to cut approximately ten pieces in about ten minutes. In case you intend to use it more often, then you should look for a bit higher speed which cuts up more pieces as well.
On the other hand, those people who need this device for offices would only satisfy their needs by getting the variant with the highest speed and biggest capacity.

Safety first

When looking for a shredder, safety is another factor to consider, as many people get injured from it blades. Thus, the only models you should consider are the ones equipped with sensors, which turn off the device every time a person is too near to the blades or you can follow the safety tips on this page in order to be more careful when using it.
This safety feature is excellent both for home and office users. The former will have peace of mind that there isn’t a chance of their children getting injured even if they come extremely close to the machine. In the latter case, office workers will avoid injuries due to being in a hurry to shred documents without even thinking of the blades.

Make sure it has a warranty

Being provided with a warranty is a significant factor, although they rarely last more than a year. Anyhow, the warranty will cover the damage for mechanical problems which are likely to happen due to paper jam. The more documents you put in the machine, the higher the chances of causing a jam.
However, you can buy a jam-proof shredder which shreds not just paper, but also materials like plastic and guarantees no jam at all. It’s a good idea to inquire about the warranty in order to discover whether it’s issued by the manufacturer or the store itself.

Select a quieter model

Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of paper shredders is the loud noise they produce. It’s ironical how the machine which is supposed to destroy sensitive information makes loud noise during the process. Fortunately, nowadays there are noiseless shredders, made with soundproofing materials, producing almost inaudible sounds which are nothing in comparison to the ones the standard models produce.
This feature is a must for people who are purchasing them for office work, as the noise is distracting for every person in the room. Moreover, if you are using it at home, the standard models can be irritating for the neighbors next door or the other members of your family. Therefore, buying the noiseless type lets you finish your work without being preoccupied with the disturbing effect it may have on other people around you.

Energy efficient

Those people who intend to use the shredder on a daily basis can benefit from the energy-efficient types as these guarantee lower energy bills due to the decreased consumption of energy. However, if you plan to use it occasionally, there’s no need for buying this kind of model, as it tends to be costlier than the regular ones. 

Wrap up

Purchasing a paper shredder requires considering multiple factors prior to making a decision. Firstly, determine your needs in order to select all the other additional features.
Make sure it’s safe to use as well as energy-efficient. You will be surprised by the difference this device is going to make to your office or home!

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