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Different Ways to Style Your Nails

We love styling everything in our surroundings, even ourselves. Mankind is created to see, appreciate and want beauty. This is why we have all sorts of designs nowadays – to feed our need for aesthetics.

Nails are not spared from our desire to appear beautiful. And although Muslim women cannot put nail polishes daily because of prayers, they may do so when they cannot pray due to menstruation, etc. Styling finger and toenails nowadays has come a long way.

We now have various ways and different designs that one could use on their nails. If you are looking for great ways and materials to style your nails, you can check out styles nails. Here are some of the designs that you can use for your nails.

French Tips 

This is probably one of the most famous designs of styling nails. It is minimal, simple, and yet elegant. French tips are usually two colors, with the tips of the nails having different color from the rest of the nails.


Using matte nail polishes also has been widely used. We find this very sophisticated.


While there are those who prefer matte, a lot of people want their nails with extra gloss. While there are already many glossy nail polishes, a touch of transparent glossy nail polish is often added. 

Elaborate designs 

Nail polish enthusiasts have gone beyond just putting colors on their nails. Now, even stickers, glitters and some sequins can be added to the nails for cute or elegant touch. For glitters that you can use on your nails, please follow this link: Moreover, for enthusiast who need more than glitters, you can use Shimmer Sequin Pearl Nail Dust Powder.

And finally,

The good old clean nails 

We can always style our nails, but nothing beats a good clean nail especially for praying Muslim women. It is economical yet very natural and minimal.

Whatever style you want, remember to always take good care of your nails. 

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