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What to Look for on Aromatherapy Sticks

If you have teeny bottles of essential oils that you are collecting, you might want to use some of them as aromatherapy sticks. Lavender can help you feel calm and relaxed, and chamomile can put your mind at ease, the floral scent of roses can reduce anxiety, and a lot more.
The good news is that you can put some of your favorite scents, including sage, rosemary, or even myrrh to sticks that you can bring anywhere.
The best way to use them?


Inhalers or aromatherapy sticks disperse essential oils to the user wherever they go. They contain a mixture of highly concentrated flower, leaves, or root extracts that are known to promote calmness.
The scent of the air activates the nose’s smell receptors and sending messages to the brain in turn. The scent is known to influence an individual’s emotions through the nervous system.

Inhaler Sticks

Most users will describe the inhaler sticks as Chapstick that look like lip balms. If you are fond of using Vicks inhalers, then this is what exactly they are. The tips are round, and the bodies are longer.
Most people state that when they picked one and inhaled it, they become immediately addicted. The combination of essential oils is mild, and the scents are sweet.
Most have made their own concoctions. An individual said that his inhaler contains one drop lime, two drops lavender, four drops of black spruce, one drop of eucalyptus, two drops of tea tree, and more. These combinations alone will make you feel better, whatever you are feeling on a cold winter night.

What to Look for in a Diffuser

1. Comforting Scent
If you purchase a stick with a pre-made scent, choose premium ones that provide a soothing effect. You won’t want to choose something that is made up of artificial chemicals. If it says the mixture is made from lavender, then the actual extracts of the plant should be included so that users can smell the pure fragrance without the mixing of unnecessary chemicals. Read more about lavender here:

2. Long-Lasting Formula
Some aromatherapies are mixed with alcohol, and the scents on these do not last compared to oil-based ones. Choose a formula that is made up of premium-grade oils that are free from alcohol. The fragrance is soothing to the nose, and the aroma permeates around evenly. The pleasant smell is also long-lasting.

3. User-Friendly
Choose a stick that you can use anywhere. The cap should be easy to remove, and you can enhance or dim the intensity of the fragrance. There are a lot of sticks available in the market that comes with excellent packaging. There are also variants where you can combine all of your favorite scents on a single bottle and bring it anywhere you go.

4. Nice Packaging
The aesthetic designs of the stick matter a lot, especially if you frequently go to public places. The container can attract a lot of people, and they will be able to know at first glance that you are using an aromatherapy stick at first glance. You can know more about beautiful packages of these variants in the right website.

5. Perfect as Gifts
If the diffuser comes in a well-packaged box, you can use it as presents to your loved ones. You can give it as a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift to your family and friends who would like to smell the woody and spicy scent of frankincense. The smell can remind them of you, especially if you make them feel relaxed and calm.

With a diffuser stick, it is vital to choose something that contains completely natural ingredients. You would not want something harmful to your lungs to get inside of your body. The essential oils are one of those healing remedies that were used even in ancient times. If they sounded like your cup of tea, then they might be the right choice for you.

These sticks are also great for people who are vaping or smoking. Inhaling the vapor of good lavender and chamomile is better than smoking nicotine. The inhalers that have cotton wicks which are saturated with the essential oils can be beneficial to the body. With the many options available in the market, one can just breathe in and relax. No vapor and smoke are required.

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