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Spruce Up Your Bathroom With These Steps

So, you have been redecorating your home and finally, you come down to the bathroom. You can’t have an old bathroom bringing down the overall look and feel of your home. No matter how big or small it is, there are plenty of things you can do to refurbish the bathroom on a budget. 

If your bathroom needs a pick-me-up, learning a few tips and doing some DIY can help you to add style at the right price. It could even start with something simple such as picking up a new shower or reframing the mirror. If you are searching for a new shower, you can discover a selection of showers at Trading Depot at affordable prices. 

Refreshing Your Bathroom 

1. Create more space with mirrored cabinets 

If you haven’t got a lot of room to work with in your bathroom, you can start by creating more room. Installing some mirrored cabinets can do the trick nicely and give the illusion of the room expanding. 

2. Synchronise accents 

Any themes you have running through your bathroom should be coordinated to avoid business. The simpler the better and matching the accessories can do this without you having to invest much energy and money. Also, look at the smaller details too such as the frames of cabinets, mirrors and more.  

3. Tile it right 

Tiled counter tops can be a great way to save money and upgrade your bathroom in the process. Call in your handyman and give your bathroom a complete new look. The great thing about tiles is that they also keep water at bay. 

4. Invest in wall shelves 

If you’re struggling to find space to store things, wall shelves are a neat and tidy option. Being space efficient, you can place these beside the toilet or somewhere more out of sight. 

5. Reglaze 

Instead of getting a fresh bathtub as the old one is looking worse for wear, why not simply reglaze and refinish. Doing so can give the bath a brand-new sheen without you having to splash out. It literally does make a huge different as this process could save you thousands but make a big difference. 

6. Give everywhere a paint 

Maybe the walls are looking dull or the paper is peeling off. If you feel the walls, floor or ceiling can do with a paint job then it’s time to get to the local home store. Think about opting with neutral colours to keep the bathroom looking bigger and clean. However, depending on the style of the room, you can opt with bright shades such as yellow to give a refreshing feel

7. Freshen up tiles 

Brightening the tiles that tire over time can also make a huge difference to your bathroom. Especially if you have vintage mosaics and want to retain the character, simply remove the dirt from the grout and give it a deep clean. 

These are all simple yet effective tips for refurbishing your bathroom. Doing so can make a big difference without you needing to spend a lot of money and hire expensive professionals.

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