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2017 Engagement Ring Trends

This year is seeing a number of strikingly different trends in engagement ring design being offered to hopeful couples. From retro to boho, geometric to classic with a twist, serpentine stacks to hidden delights, there are engagement rings to suit a very broad range of tastes.

A New Twist On The Halo

Halo rings, which see their central stone encircled with a ring or double ring of supporting brilliants, are being mounted on twisted or rope work bands to further heighten their allure.  The paramount feature of the halo is the way the supporting stones throw the maximum light into the central diamond from any angle. The twisted band adds mystery to the ring and allows for skillfully set pave diamonds to encircle the finger like nebulae in miniature. Another current refinement of the halo ring is the pave split shank in which the band divides into two, encrusted with diamonds to give greater definition to the halo.

Edwardian Revival And Deco Decadence

Retro has become period specific with vivid recreations of august Edwardian classics. Emerald and asscher cut diamonds on sumptuous bands display confidence and substance as they give their diamond’s lustrous colours their full splendour. And the Old European cut diamond is enjoying a revival. These exquisite styles from yesteryear look very well in rose gold, a choice for all seasons as it complements all skin tones. Still retro, but slightly later, Art Deco rings are also on-trend. Chunky geometric cuts of cognac diamonds supported by rows of baguette diamonds are as daring and elegant as the Jazz Age.

Stacked And Two Stone Rings

Striking statements can be made with stacked rings spiraling around the finger morphing between the three golds: yellow, white, and rose. These rings, with their larger surface area, give the engraver the opportunity to embellish them with intricate patterns.  Further jauntiness can be gifted to these gorgeous designs by having them set with two square cut stones. Combinations of coloured stones such as one champagne and one blue diamond are unforgettable tokens of devotion with a touch of the devil-may-care thrown in.

Boho Black

Swish, elegant black diamonds are being seen set in bohemian and geometric mounts. These are very striking and suit both yellow and white gold mounts. Like the punks of the late 1970s took the humble safety pin and the sinister razor blade and turned them into ornaments, what wasonce used to make sawblades is now crafted into sophisticated quality jewellery. The black diamond is said to represent certainty and passion.

Cluster Bombs Of Brilliance

Multi-stone diamond rings have a long pedigree starting with the Trilogy ring. Now five and seven stone clusters are being fashioned, some with progressions of coloured diamonds in complementary hues as fan rings. Diamonds For Less offers beautiful engagement rings in Toronto in styles like this. These powerful arrangements of gems particularly suit interlaced bands which give them a mesmerising look.

Hidden Secrets

Halos raised on high profile mounts allow the jeweller to skillfully conceal gems beneath them which are only revealed in tantalizing peeks or elaborate side views.  Striking examples are halo set cushion cut central white diamonds with winking pink diamonds peeping out beneath them.  This setting has great charm on white gold which throws more light on the hidden treasures from its rhodium plating.

If you are planning to purchase an engagement ring, these are the trends you should look out for.

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