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My Cup of Tea: My First Love

If asked of our first loves, most of us, ladies, would probably say that the first true love that we had are our fathers.

I am of no exception. Even though it is almost a decade since he left me, my love for him has never diminished. My father was truly my first and greatest love.

My father is an epitome of an honesty, kindness, generosity and compassion. He showed me that women are just as important as men in building better society and tomorrow. He led the way into making me and my cousins the persons that we are today. He never tainted his name for money, status nor fame. Most of all, he was calm and honest in all his dealings and never was coward to face the truth even if it hurts him.

You can say that I am a bit biased because he is my father. But, the acquaintances, colleagues and friends that he made in his life can attest to his positive attitudes.

He left me when I was in highschool. Inasmuch as I wanted to return all the favors he did for me, the most that I can give are my prayers. And there was never a time that I forgot him and my mother in my prayers. They always come first. Always!

There are things I wish I could give my father. And if only I can, I would most likely give him a personalized watch box since he loved watches. May it be father's day or not, our dads deserve to be treated best everyday. If your father is still alive, think of your attitude towards him.

But, I can no longer do so. This is why I make it up for him and my mom through my prayers. Of course, prayers are always the best gift that we can give to anybody.

If your father is still alive, make sure to always send him a message or call him. Ask how he is doing. And if you can, give him gifts even on ordinary days. If you are looking for an online store that sells amazing items for fathers or for anyone, you can check Gifts Less Ordinary.

Indeed, fathers are amazing beings. ❤️

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