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My BeautyMNL Shopping Experience

Lately, I was asked by BeautyMNL to give their online store a try. But little did they know that I've been happily shopping on their store since 2015. Of course, I told them about it and they were happy that I am happy with my purchases. And I was touched by the kind gesture from the company. So, I will be telling you my experiences with them all these time.

BeautyMNL is the go-to beauty destination for beauty junkies and the not-so beauty junkies but are looking for the perfect products for themselves.

I purchased Celeteque cream, which I use and is running out, Innisfree mineral powder for trial and Skin Genie cheek and lip tint.

Here's my take on the whole shopping experience:

1. Quality

For every shopper, we all know that quality comes first before anything. As for BeautyMNL products, you can be sure that they only sell authentic products and never the counterfeit ones. You will be getting what you pay for 100%.

2. Price

I can't say that the prices are affordable for everybody. But they are reasonable as per product criteria.

3. Reviews

I love the reviews on the products. I think BeautyMNL is one of those shops that offer a really good feedback system. And the shoppers on this particular site are very helpful and thoughtful of others for giving their personal thoughts about their purchases. I read comments and reviews before purchasing anything and I thank all BeautyMNL shoppers for leaving their opinions.

4. Payment

You can pay via Credit Card thru Paypal, Bank Deposit or Cash on Delivery if you are from Metro Manila. The wide array of payment system is really helpful. But I always opt for the credit card option.

5. Shipping

I've never had any problems with shipping with BeautyMNL until my recent purchase. BUT IT WAS NOT THEIR FAULT! It was LBC's fault for sending my package to my previous address in Iligan instead of Tawi-Tawi. BeautyMNL did their share of informing the courier and talking it out with them. It was sorted out, alhamdulillah.

I am happy with my purchases. Now I have a fill of my Celeteque cream. I was beginning to worry about it when my package headed to Iligan. ^_^ The best thing about this purchase would be the Innisfree mineral powder. I would definitely be buying again from BeautyMNL! 

1 comment:

  1. I only tried shopping at BeautyMNL once and I had a good experience. They say they ship in 1 day but I got my package after 2 days, I think. But it's okay since it was during the holidays so there must be a lot of transactions they handles. Besides, it's 2 days, that's still fast! Hehe


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