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My Cup of Tea: Learning About A Friend's Trial

Shea Rasol is one of those people with a pure heart and kind soul. For most of the famous individuals online, Shea is probably one of the truest one. And I am not even exaggerating. She truly is what she portrays and what you see on her social media accounts. For someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, she remained glued to the ground. I've always told everyone that Shea is my most favorite blogger of all time - literally and heartily. I couldn't even fathom how we became friends. That only shows how kind her soul is for allowing new faces into her life.

Last year, she came to the Philippines even though she wasn't feeling well. Sometimes, I feel guilty because I was the one who gave the idea of her coming to Ph for the Bangala Fashion Fair. Although I think she had pure and genuine fun here.

And when she told us on group chat last month regarding what her illness is, the feeling was exactly the same as my learning of my late parents' illnesses. I've regarded her as part of my extended family - an elder sister that I never had, that is. So, it was a familiar emotion when the news came in. I thought of good things to say, but they won't come out as I wanted them to be. I was dumbfounded. I wanted to fly to KL and give her a big big hug. But I just can't. I am a nation and three flights away.

Having the big C is never easy physically and emotionally. But it serves as reminder for all of us to never allow stress and unhealthful things into our system. Moreover, it is also a call from Allah SWT.

If we are handed with trials, it means:

  • Allah SWT has not forsaken us. He wants us to remember His Glory and His Mercy.
  • We are strong for He never gives trials that we couldn't handle.
  • We are given a chance to take care of ourselves and worship more. Forgiveness is closer. 
  • After the trial, there is ease. 

With this new trial ahead of her, she has already shown great strength, perseverance and sabr. I saw how my mother fought in her spirit. And of course, she has a bandwagon of support system - me and the other girls (Lia, Sya, Tiq, Nisah, Mara, Azizah, Joyce, Jamila and Sheena) included.

Breakfast in Cotabato City

Tiq's wedding. 
I hope we all gain inspiration from her. And I hope she continues to radiate amongst us kindness and humility like how she always does. 

In light of this, I ask my readers to share a dua for Shea's fast recovery. Every dua counts. 

Check Shea's blogpost about this to learn more.



  1. Huhuhu I was so sad when I saw her IG post. I was heartbroken too. I agree, She truly is the most genuine and nicest blogger ever! I hope And I know that Allah will guide her all the way to her recovery <3

  2. Shea was one blogger besides you that i constantly check on and each time i read her posts i get a torrent of courage to try writing as well. you two became sort of an inspiration. this is why i had difficulty too of having the fact sink into me when i learned about her condition and instantly uttered my prayer for her recovery each time i am reminded of her. this ordeal she is caught in may never be easy but like you said our Dua's can help. In shaa Allah.


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