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Four Big Ways to Stand Out At Prom

Let’s face it, it’s never really too early to start thinking about prom, is it? These days, we have learned to shop as early for prom as possible and ensure we get our fairy tale outfit and accessories. After all, when you’re trying to balance finals, midterms, deadlines, and all that, you don’t want to have to make a rushed decision about what to wear. So, before the panic sets in, here are a few ways to well and truly stand out at prom.

How to Stand Out at Your Prom

1. Pick a Vintage Prom Dress

Whether you pick a dazzling 80’s frock full of bling or a sensational sixties A-line classic, wearing a dress from a different time is certainly going to set you apart from the others. If your first thought is that this will be tacky, don’t jump to conclusions too quickly! There is a stunning choice for everyone at Peaches Boutique.

For instance, a delicate off white dress from the 70s can look incredibly elegant and a minimalist 90’s inspired dress with spaghetti straps and a silky fabric can look super-sophisticated. Head online for inspiration and you’re sure to find something truly unique for your special night.

2. Match Your Outfit with Your Prom Date’s Threads

While each gown is truly special for prom night, you certainly don’t have to wear the exact same outfit as your prom date, a matching colour scheme can be cute, gimmicky, or even ultra-classy, and is sure to make both of you stand out at the function. It’s quite nice to have a sense of humour about prom, so if your dress is navy blue, why not get your date to wear a navy-blue suit? Chose a golden evening gown? Get your date suited in a gold ensemble, too!

3. Try an Over-the-Top Hairstyle

It’s pretty much a sure-thing that most girls are going to choose a basic up-do or classic curls for their night. So, why not make a statement do something completely different? Pick a memorable beehive straight out of the 1960’s or even dye your hair a few days before the prom to arrive looking fresh, made-over, and sensational! Not quite your style? That’s okay; there are loads of ideas out there for beautiful hairstyles for prom.

4. Opt for Dramatic Makeup

Once you have chosen your beautiful prom dress and settled on a hairstyle, it’s time to think about your makeup. How about something bold to make you stand out? Bold makeup is loads of fun. Scan through your favourite magazines, look on Pinterest, and do plenty of research to get an idea of what you would like and what would suit you. Perhaps you’d like a vibrant blush or Bowie-style eye makeup? If you’ve chosen a 90’s dress, why not go for bold, 90’s lips? The choices are endless.

If you have more tips and ideas to add, you can share it with us by writing them in the comment section!

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